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St. Patrick's Day Drinks & Cocktails

It's time we had a serious talk about what you'll be drinking on St. Patrick's Day. Sure, we love the novelty of green beer as much you do, but it's a bit lacking in the flavor department.

Instead, we suggest you observe the holiday with a proper cocktail that calls for Irish whiskey. The usually smooth and honeyed liquor not only tastes great neat but also works well with a range of different flavors. No wonder it's the fastest-growing spirit category in America.

So, class up your St. Patty's celebration by fixing one of these recipes, which were created by some of the world's best bartenders. Sláinte!

Irish Jack Rose
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The traditional formula for this classic calls for applejack, but its Irish cousin is also tasty. Our recipe combines whiskey with French apple brandy for an easy-drinking tipple.

View recipe: Irish Jack Rose
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