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Our Favorite Three-Ingredient Cocktails

Posted: 05/13/11 03:47 PM ET

Who says a good cocktail needs a dozen obscure ingredients? Some of the most enduring and popular recipes are actually some of the shortest and easiest to make.

While there are very simple drinks that are just alcohol and a mixer--the Rum & Coke and the Gin & Tonic come to mind--when you add just one more thing, you can often get greater complexity and depth.

Here are five of the best three-ingredient cocktails, whose recipes we suggest you commit to memory.

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This easy-drinking, old-school elixir is nothing more than a jigger of Scotch, bourbon or rye on the rocks, plus ginger ale and club soda. The mixture has a subtle spice and sweetness, along with plenty of bubbles.

View recipe: Presbyterian
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