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Our Favorite Tiki Cocktails

Posted: 08/12/11 01:22 PM ET

Dear drinker, if you haven't noticed, tiki cocktails are back with a vengeance. After spending the last few decades languishing in obscurity, the tropical mixological style has become trendy again.

Acclaimed bars like Lani Kai and PKNY in New York and Smuggler's Cove in San Francisco are inspired by tiki godfathers Trader Vic and Don the Beachcomber.

So put on your Hawaiian shirt, turn up the Don Ho and start fixing these five delicious tiki drinks.

Beachbum's Own
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Modern-day tiki evangelist Jeff "Beachbum" Berry created this tasty tipple, which adds a splash of the Spanish citrus-and-spice-flavored Licor 43 to a mix of fruit juices and two kinds of rum.

View recipe: Beachbum's Own
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