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Our Favorite Two-Ingredient Cocktails

Posted: 07/29/11 03:41 PM ET

A few weeks ago, we challenged ourselves to find five delicious and complex three-ingredient cocktails. It turned out to be quite an easy task, since many of our favorites, such as the Daiquiri, the Negroni and Sidecar, qualified.

To raise the stakes, we set out to look for five more drinks that have just two ingredients but are still tasty. Not only are these recipes incredibly simple, but they are also refreshing on a warm summer day. You can even leave out their garnishes if you're in a hurry.

Scotch & Soda
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An all-time classic, this drink exudes old-fashioned cool. The club soda adds a thirst- quenching effervescence and opens up the whisky a bit, releasing a range of flavors.

View recipe: Scotch & Soda
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