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Lisa Abeyta
Lisa Abeyta is the Founder and CEO of APPCityLife, Inc., which connects cities and people through a global platform delivering mobile solutions for cities, non-profits and small businesses. She is also cofounder of Hautepreneurs, LLC, the premier network for women entrepreneurs in New Mexico, as well as HauteHopes, a nonprofit focused on helping women become financially independent by providing underprivileged women access to mentoring, scholarships and training. She is also a frequent contributor to Huffington Post.

Lisa serves on the Small Business Advisory Council for NM Congresswoman Michelle Grisham and is the recipient of the 2014 Women In Technology Recognition award. She was named a 2014 Woman of Influence and has served as a judge for the 2014 and 2015 Stevie Business Awards for Women. She is a frequent participant and speaker in events and summits focused on smart cities, civic tech, STEM and women in tech.

Lisa’s previously ran a successful freelance writing business, where she earned multiple awards and had her byline published in a wide variety of publications including Writer’s Market and Writer’s Digest as well as a humor column in the Albuquerque Tribune.

Entries by Lisa Abeyta

3 Habits Killing Your Productivity

(0) Comments | Posted March 8, 2015 | 12:44 PM

As the founder and CEO of a civic tech company, despite the innumerable benefits and positive changes I've experienced along the way, I've also found it more and more difficult to manage the demands made on my time.

I'm pretty sure I'm not alone -- that there this is this moment...

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Want Success? Get Over Yourself to Seize the Opportunity

(1) Comments | Posted March 3, 2015 | 1:00 PM

Andre Moore knows what it is to watch a bright future disappear - not once, but twice. Being forced to reinvent himself after thinking he was on the right path to success has helped him learn that seizing the opportunity is worth it, whenever and however that chance comes.

His first devastating...

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What Is Your Story - and Is It Holding You Back?

(2) Comments | Posted February 24, 2015 | 4:18 PM

square word

I recently delivered a keynote address at our Haute Highlights Women's Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I've been asked to write about what I shared.

We all have stories. You probably know your own by heart - those few...

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What Is Holding You Back: Overcoming Fear and Self-Doubt

(0) Comments | Posted February 10, 2015 | 10:41 PM


How many of you remember your first school crush? I remember mine. I waited for the tiniest glimpse of him in the hall on our way to lunch, and at the end of the day, I hurried out front just in case he...

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Can Blind Auditions Change the Ratio of Women in Tech Journalism?

(0) Comments | Posted January 30, 2015 | 9:56 AM

I am a huge fan of The Voice, especially the early episodes when a celebrity judge chooses a contestant based on talent and then discovers the person on stage looks nothing like what they expected. Sometimes the contestant isn't even the same gender. So it was with great interest that I read a...

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Finding My Wings: How I Learned to Believe in Myself

(0) Comments | Posted January 27, 2015 | 11:36 AM


Lisa Abeyta, founder of APPCityLife, attending Women Entrepreneurs Festival 2015 with fellow New Mexican entrepreneur, Dara Ambriz, cofounder of Runway Apparel.

It is odd when epiphanies come. Mine happened while I was standing on a busy New York City street corner...

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Four Things That Are Not Failure But Feel Like It

(0) Comments | Posted January 26, 2015 | 4:33 PM


Fail early.
Fail often.
Fail fast.
Fail faster.

Fail better.
Fail forward.
Fail towards success.

Here's a thought. How about we just stop with all of the marshmallow mantras about how failure is good? Failure is not some...

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An Open Letter to Taylor Swift

(16) Comments | Posted January 8, 2015 | 2:56 PM

So I've had this post percolating about in my head for almost a week now, and every time I go to write it, there is this filter that goes up. I eventually talk myself out of it and just go do laundry or something of more benefit than having an...

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In the Trenches: 36 Things I've Learned as a Founder

(0) Comments | Posted January 5, 2015 | 4:07 PM

Over the past five years, I've accrued a lot of advice -- some of it invaluable and some not so much -- as well as lessons learned the hard way. I've also collected quite a few notes and reminders along the way. These are not irrefutable truths; they're simply my...

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6 New Years Resolutions for Women Entrepreneurs

(1) Comments | Posted December 30, 2014 | 9:19 AM

As a woman entrepreneur, I'm making a different set of New Year's Resolutions this year. I've created a set of purposes that I think might also inspire other women in the workplace, so I am sharing these resolutions here to help challenge the status quo and push myself and other...

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The Moment I Decided Christmas Was the Most Horrid Holiday

(30) Comments | Posted December 24, 2014 | 10:05 AM

I remember the exact moment I decided Christmas was the most horrid holiday ever conceived. I was 19 years old and attending college full time while working at a local department store. On this particular night, the day before Christmas Eve, I was running the cash register. It was nearing...

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Teaching Entrepreneurship: Educational Boondoggle or Brilliant Innovation?

(0) Comments | Posted December 17, 2014 | 1:52 PM

Dollars funnel.

Everywhere you turn today, it seems there is an event, program or class teaching you how to become an entrepreneur. And everyone wants in on the action, from government agencies, nonprofits, foundations, incubators, and accelerators to new programs like the brief immersion experiences such as Startup...

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Finding Closure: How a Gravestone Helped Me Say Goodbye

(0) Comments | Posted December 15, 2014 | 2:45 PM

Just by chance, the grave plots my parents purchased happen to be near my home, so it only made sense that after my father's death that I would be the one to drive to the cemetery to meet the funeral home's representative to determine the exact location of their plots....

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5 Keys to Out-Shining the Competition in an Interview

(0) Comments | Posted December 10, 2014 | 9:32 AM

Job ApplicationEvery year, I participate in mock interviews with college students who are getting ready to graduate. It's an excellent program that provides students with an opportunity to polish up their skills and gain valuable insight before beginning their job search. Here are five useful tips...

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Scrappy, Dogged and Just the Right Dose of Crazy: What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur

(0) Comments | Posted November 29, 2014 | 10:37 PM

Made with Repix (

At a recent Startup Weekend, one of the attendees asked me what I thought were the most important traits for an entrepreneur to posses to be successful. I've thought about it some since, and while I don't pretend...

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The Real Reason Girls Don't Like to Code

(9) Comments | Posted November 26, 2014 | 2:34 PM


I recently sat down for a visit with friend who is running a program focused on STEM, and his insights into the boy/girl ratio were discouraging. "We offer coding camps and courses and work hard to get the word out to...

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Inaction Is Tacit Approval: Why I Deleted My Uber Account

(18) Comments | Posted November 20, 2014 | 9:01 AM

I cancelled my Uber account -- not just by deleting their app from my phone but also going through the painful, hard to find process of requesting that they remove my account completely (more about that in a moment).

Just to be clear, I didn't cancel because I disliked their...

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In Gratitude of a Father's Service to His Country

(0) Comments | Posted November 10, 2014 | 7:07 PM

I likely won't get through this without crying, but Veterans Day was never about celebration anyway, so I'm okay with that.

Made with Repix (

Every Veterans Day, I've know exactly whom I wanted to honor. Stationed behind enemy lines as an...

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Why You Must Find Your Passion to Find Success

(0) Comments | Posted November 10, 2014 | 9:41 AM

I was helping my daughter box up things in her room as she prepared to move to an apartment near the university. Buried in her closet was an old backpack covered in stickers and stuffed with purple ribbons. I set it aside, certain she wanted to keep over a decade of memories from climbing competitions...

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Why We Should Stop Worrying if Other People Like Our Kids

(7) Comments | Posted October 31, 2014 | 5:22 PM

Here's a thought:

It is not our job to make our kids likable by conforming to others' expectations but to help them blossom within their own uniqueness.

Think about that.

Do you realize how liberating that is -- how much guilt it removes when you're able to do what your...

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