01/10/2013 10:42 am ET Updated Mar 12, 2013


Sometimes doing everything you can is not enough.
Sometimes your best isn't good enough.
Sometimes things don't work out the way you want.
Sometimes it just isn't fair.

Sometimes the end comes too fast.
Sometimes time won't slow down.
Sometimes your plans won't happen.
Sometimes those dreams won't come true.

Sometimes your life feels like a nightmare.
Sometimes nightmares happen in the day.
Sometimes uncertainty is a needy child that won't leave your side.
Sometimes there isn't enough strength.

Sometimes it's more than you can handle.
Sometimes the end is near.
Sometimes there isn't anything you can do.
Sometimes staying strong isn't an option.

Sometimes a word or gesture or deed can bring you to tears.
Sometimes strangers show the kindness that should be shown by friends.
Sometimes you can't see which way the road will go.
Sometimes all you can do is research, then close your eyes and guess.

Sometimes strength may look like denial;
Sometimes you must trick yourself to get through the day, or hour, or minute.
Sometimes the reality is so unfathomable you must push it aside.
Sometimes the pain is too great.

Sometimes people don't understand.
Sometimes they make what's hard even harder.
Sometimes the kindness of friends makes things bearable though,
Somehow the strength of love can keep you going for a while.

Sometimes you get lucky.
Sometimes you don't.
Sometimes what happens has nothing to do with you.
But somewhere, deep in the darkness, you must hold out hope.

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