02/05/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Quitter! Levi Johnston Leaves His Job

Levi Johnston--who sired Sarah Palin's first grandchild and in October told the Associated Press that he was quitting high school to work as an apprentice electrician for the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation--"resigned" that job Monday, reports the Anchorage Daily News.

Questions about Levi's eligibility for the oil field job were raised by conservative Alaskan commentator Dan Fagan, as a high school diploma or GED is required by law in order to work as an apprentice.

Last week Palin threw a frantic media fit, manically calling People Magazine, emailing the AP and contacting the Anchorage Daily News about her daughter and her boyfriend's status (or not) as students.

Supermom Sarah told People Magazine that she:

wanted to be clear about their continuing work toward high school degrees because any suggestion otherwise "harms Bristol's reputation and Levi's reputation and their chances for good work opportunities."

Guess the media reporting the truth that Levi was a drop out did in fact "harm" his chance for "good work opportunities," in Palin's spin-filled world. But Levi was hired illegally, and once that was uncovered, he had to quit.

Palin denied Fagan's allegations that she was responsible for getting Levi his job, calling his remarks

"a political pot shot taken at me."

And Levi's dad Keith Johnson backs up Gov GILF, telling the Anchorage Daily News that the governor was not responsible for Levi getting the job, and in fact it was his influence. Keith Johnston works as an ASRC construction engineer.

According to his father Levi will be returning home to finish his education.

He felt it was the best thing to do to kind of calm the waters, so to speak

In other words, the gig was up.

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