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Saccharine Sarah Palin Thanksgiving Ad

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This ad isn't a gag, but it may make you throw up a little in your mouth.

Created by a conservative PAC, Our Country Deserves Better, this cheesy commercial looks like an SNL parody, except it's not funny--the feeble moose meat jokes, the pair of barely 20-somethings clutching four pre-kindergarten age kids as they praise Palin's support of the American Dream, the weird Amish-but-not guy, and best of all:

A woman who thanks Palin for teaching Track the honor and valor of serving in the armed forces. Because really, combat duty in Iraq looks a lot jollier than being hooked on Oxycontin in the middle of Alaska. Maybe.

In all fairness, we are unintentionally reminded the we do deserve better than Palin's theocratic wingnuttery and to be thankful that Gov GILF's

passionate, hopeful, articulate advocacy of common-sense conservative values

*spit take* aren't just a heartbeat away from the red button.