01/23/2011 05:00 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sarah Palin Goes Steampunk

Steampunk -- a style of dress, and for some a way of life as best it can be in the mundane -- is based in the worlds of Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Robert Anton Wilson and Alan Moore. Think an alternative Victorian England where steam power runs elaborately geared machines, women wear corsets and -- as in The Wild, Wild West TV series and its unfortunate cinematic remake -- there's a nutty villain and outrageous gadgets.

Now The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen has transmuted what could be called The Legs of an Extraordinary Woman into the new comic book/graphic novel Steampunk Palin. And it's not satire. But it does include eight pin-ups along with a ridiculous, confusing plot line. It's clear the fanboys who drew this comic book/graphic novel/penny dreadful really like Palin's breasts. A lot.

Somewhere in the near future, after a huge war makes the Earth's oil dry up, politicians and policy makers gather to figure out a new power source is needed.

Naturally being an energy expert, Sarah Palin suggests steam power to run the world's generators, as a replacement for the now long gone oil. Because, dontcha know, ya can't have Tea Party with hot water, you betcha!

And uh, you can't have steam without heat and heat is made from generators run on -- what now? Steam? But how to get steam to make more steam? Do you build huge distilleries to recycle the the steam? But how do you get the energy to manufacture the steel and copper needed to build giant steam generators that... oh never mind, but you see why I am baffled?

You can read more about this ghastly multi-genre mutation and see additional art work by following this link