01/17/2010 04:20 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

The 11th Commandment: That Shalt Not Be Haughty

For the first time in the week since I found out I had cancer, my boy toy came over. We had a night together. He was on his best behavior. He massaged me, couldn't stop rubbing all the spots on my neck and back and arms and even my butt. After a couple of hours with him, the thought of cancer had evaporated. I wasn't talking about it anymore. I was just soaking up his love.

In the morning after we'd eaten left over pasta at midnight and giggled it seemed for hours we woke up really slow. He usually is up at the crack of dawn and ambitious to get out into the world and walk on the boardwalk or pump his muscles with his heavy weights. But this morning was different. He's been different. The chip on his shoulder seems to be somewhere else completely. Not even in the room. In the room with me are Mr. Massage, Mr. Kiss, Mr. Hug and Mr. Love.

However, this morning as it can be for so many men, a really rambunctious energy took over. I wanted to get up and go to the powder room but he was shall we say so hungry I didn't want to leave his arms. He was really frisky having already enjoyed as he called it 2.5 episodes with me in between all the lovely non-stop massages.

After awhile what he was doing really got me excited and I was ready to let him do the one thing he wanted to do the most. And right when I was the most open for him to do it, he fell asleep.

Later when he awoke he found me in a strange mood. This time I climbed on his back. This time I nibbled on his ear. This time I pretended I was the man and he was the woman, and I exaggerated what I've seen and felt men do in the doggy style position. "Oh, baby, this feels so good." I wanted to show him what it was like to be me or another woman when a man is so caught up in his own pleasure. I was behind him. He couldn't see me. He could only feel my thrusts and hear my words. I gave it to him so good and we laughed so hard. But under the laughter he came forth with a statement, "You have really put me in my place. I had no idea how stupid this sounds or how unpleasant it could be if one wasn't into the same moment."

Then I moved in slow, delicately, and whispered in his ear what I wanted to do and what I wanted to experience when in that position next time. I described in detail exactly which moves would get me going, and he got it completely.

Later in the kitchen when we were making breakfast together another incident made us laugh. I was cracking eggs and finding either bits of blood or pieces of shell I was trying to remove before stirring the eggs. As he was watching me he said, "How can you fuck up an egg?" Then he walked over to take the task away from me and immediately cracked an egg and dropped the yolk into my silverware drawer.