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Lisa Jey Davis
Lisa Jey Davis is a women's health and fitness advocate, dating and relationship commentator, author, award-winning writer, a former principal at Jey Associates PR, and a keynote speaker.

In 2011, Lisa Jey was diagnosed with the BRCA2 Genetic Mutation for Breast and Ovarian Cancer. Her sister’s seven-year battle with Ovarian Cancer (which took her life) was all the reason she needed to take the most drastic approach to medical wellness: that of a prophylactic double mastectomy and breast reconstruction, as well as an oophorectomy - removal of her ovaries and fallopian tubes. She has since worked to raise awareness about genetic screenings and breast and ovarian cancer and encouraged others to live life to the fullest.

Lisa Jey has a couple of books forthcoming: Ms. Cheevious in Hollywood (due 2014) won best unpublished manuscript at New York Book Festival in 2007* and details her post-divorce years navigating “single” life while pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. The book became the premise for the weekly blog/magazine Ms. Cheevious – Bringing Mischief to the Masses, for which Lisa Jey is the Editor in Chief. The “Ms. Cheevious” blog along with the use of various social media platforms (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook) sparked a widespread movement of supporters who follow the hilarious, indelible antics of a single woman and mother in Los Angeles, living her dreams on her terms, and despite the odds. Additionally, Lisa wrote a book also due in 2014 now titled "published a do-it-yourself-with-Ms. Cheevious e-book — a yoga practice, titled “Ahhhhhh … Haaaaaa Moments With Ms. Cheevious."

Prior to establishing her PR firm Jey Associates, Lisa Jey worked in the world of entertainment television, managing show talent (Gwen Stefani, Sting, Sheryl Crow, Nellie Furtado, Mary J. Blige, Stevie Wonder and more) for music based one-hour specials on networks like MTV, VH-1, CBS, (some specials of note: the NFL Super Bowl Bash, A Motown Christmas, MTV Movie Awards, ICON, Rock the Vote and many others). She continues to produce for television and new media and books talent on select projects.

Lisa Jey has written for publications and organizations such as The Associated Press, The New York Review, Aspen Sojourner Magazine and Mountain Parent (among many others). She has written television news and radio segments, as well as scripts for televised entertainment industry events.

Though Lisa Jey's blog covers the humorous side of dating and relationships, she's built a strong following as a popular Lagree Method (Pilates+) trainer and a former yoga instructor, teaching in studios in the Los Angeles area. She's also become a sought after women's health advocate and a "go-to" authority on BRCA/ Breast and Ovarian Cancer. Frequently invited to provide her expert opinions and commentary on related stories (i.e. Angelina Jolie's choice), she has appeared on the Emmy Award-winning nationally syndicated television show “The Doctors,” the CW (KTLA), and a variety of news programs and radio shows; and she has been quoted in major newspapers, magazines and online publications.

Lisa Jey has spoken to thousands at conferences, shared her personal stories and hilarious anecdotes, and offered relationship advice and brutally honest truths about the opposite sex to men and women. She speaks candidly and humorously, and to single mothers pursuing their dreams: she encourages the balance of career with motherhood, as well as cultivating and maintaining physical and inner beauty and health. Her personal YouTube channel ” showcases her Thought for the Day segments (inspiring empowering thoughts), and her “Ms. Cheevious” channel offers comic sketches and commentary with special guests.

*Then titled MILF This! Confessions of a Hot Mamma

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I recently wrote a book that's now titled Orchids-The New Black: How to Get Over Your Ovaries and Make the Change of Life Your Bitch. You could say I was almost forced to write this book, in the same way I was forced into menopause much too early. I was...

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The other day I was driving down the road and I sneezed, like... really hard. The sneeze was so hard, my head felt like it exploded. My first thought was Uh oh... I could be getting a sinus infection, because, a) I get allergies year round and am prone to...

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5 Ways to Subdue (or Avoid) a Mugger

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I was recently told a story by someone very dear to me who was attacked in broad daylight and in public. Because this enraged me (for obvious reasons, not least of which was the lack of action by onlookers or witnesses), I'm going to spell out in very simple terms...

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10 Things Guys Wish About Women

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Aw, men... try as they may to figure out the feminine psyche, they just can't seem to pull it together.

But hey, women are no Einsteins when it comes to figuring men out, either. That's why books of the Mars and Venus persuasion are such top sellers. We all spend...

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Don't ask me why the prospect of visiting the Playboy Mansion for a Halloween party carries the titillation it does. The answers are too elusive, and for some, too multiple to list... or at best, they aren't reason enough for the conferred high intrigue.

Whether you find it an intoxicating...

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We Are Way Too Sexy for Our Genes

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Anyone not living under a rock should know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but what some do not know is that September was (and always is) Ovarian Cancer awareness Month. Call it serendipitous or weird coincidence that these two cancers have awareness months so close together,...

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Singles: Most People Wish They Were You

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Adult single people are an elite breed of human. Anyone who has become a part of a couple holds a deep-seated respect and reverence for their single friends (those single friends who are truly living, that is. Not the sad, sappy, bleeding heart single friends). In fact, the reverence and...

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