12/01/2012 03:10 pm ET Updated Jan 31, 2013

Marital Bliss

Saturday nights are usually spent going out and trying to find a big adventure full of fun and laughs. But what if you could actually get that from home without leaving your couch? The new hit TBS show Wedding Band is hitting all the right notes with its humor, harmony and out of the box characters that make you feel like a wedding crasher each episode!

Wedding Band focuses on just that, a wedding band named "Mother of the Bride" that's fronted by a lead singer Tommy (Brian Austin Green) who is sexy and he knows it. He is a womanizer, and that's what makes him the most happy (beyond singing of course). He goes by the philosophy that weddings should not just the best night of the bride and groom's lives, but the wedding guests' as well! In order to pull that off, though, you often need to use a little finesse and Tommy is just the man to make it happen. Guitarist Eddie (Peter Cambor) is a family man who tries desperately (many times with failed attempts) to balance taking care of his two kids and living the high life with the band. Eddie, at times, seems like he actually has three kids, because he focuses a lot of attention on Tommy in order to keep him out of trouble. The two seem to have a bond beyond bandmates, more like a brotherly bond, and this is constantly teetering between a good thing and bad thing for the band. Speaking of brothers, Eddie's underdog brother Barry (played by the goofy Derek Miller) hits drums in the band, and he seems to be the one who will never grow up. Pyrotechnics, rotating drum kits, and other gimmicks are his specialty and the band is the one solid thing going for him. Finally, there is Stevie (Harold Perrineau) who is the newest member of the band and their bad-ass bassist. Stevie is a powerhouse session musician who has recorded with the best of the best music legends, but currently teaches music lessons. He's never been front and center with any band, and now it is his time to shine.

With a little luck, and some help, the boys land the attention of Roxie Rutherford (played by the utterly hilarious and dynamic Melora Hardin). Roxie's premier wedding and event planner firm handles all of the five-star events in Seattle. Roxie is brash, brazen and highly outlandish, which makes for quite the unique working environment. She feels like she has the experience under her belt, and the guys should do as she says. The guys on the other hand, well, they feel like they should have a little bit of freedom. This includes playing a party secretly for a client's teenage son and his friend in order to make them cool and get some female attention. Rachel (played by the charismatic Jenny Wade who was stellar in past shows Reaper and The Good Guys) is the junior wedding planner at Roxie's firm who has shown a great penchant for wedding planning, just not her own of course. She's been engaged for two years with no wedding date in sight, and she is constantly treated by Roxie as if she is still just her assistant. Rachel comes complete with a vivacious sex appeal coupled with a terrible neurosis, which tends to divide her loyalties to Roxie and Tommy.

Wedding Band is a wild ride that both singles and couples can enjoy, with the cast's rocking take on both old and new songs as well as outrageous storylines that will have you laughing and on the edge of your seat. Hardin is a true standout with her cunning quips and barbs. She has shades of her character Jan from The Office, but she's tamed it down to where you (at times) have sympathy or empathy for Roxie. Roxie has worked hard for what she has, and puts her reputation on the line at each event she works and it isn't easy for her to make female friends. Brian Austin Green has cultivated a whole new fan base with his role as Tommy. Those beloved fans who followed him from Beverly Hills 90210 can fall in love with him all over again, but a brand new following for him is on the rise. Younger audiences get the chance to fall for Green and latch on to his fantastic balance of funny and foxy. Cambor piles on the charm while Perrineau doesn't miss a beat while trying to keep the band grounded.

This show is a mix of sexy, soul, fun, funk and friendship, and there is nothing else like it right now in television. Paired with the return of hit show Cougar Town and new favorite Sullivan & Son, the show Wedding Band has the right home on TBS. TBS knows how to cultivate the funny and Wedding Band is another notch in TBS' greatness-belt. After all, TBS' tag line says everything, "TBS: Very Funny" and they sure live up to it! It's Wedding Band's cast of merry men and lovely ladies that makes the show what it is and completely drives that TBS tag home. Make a plan to stay home Saturday nights because you've got a party to crash!