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The 10 Types of Moms on Facebook

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If you spend as much time on Facebook as I do, you've noticed a recent influx of proud moms posting kid pictures and updates about the new school year. While so much is brand new with the kiddos, I can't help but notice some patterns emerging with the moms. Here are the 10 types of moms on Facebook. Which one are you? I know I fit the profile of nine out of 10...

The TypeWho She IsTypical Status
The Do It All MomJuggles her kids, her husband, maybe a career... but definitely a triathalon, home cheesemaking and sixteen fundraisers just this month. Bizarrely, the way she communicates her prowess online is by detailing what she made for dinner.Steak au poivre with (homemade!) blue cheese sauce and strawberry soufflé for dessert! Tomorrow is Lobster Thermidor and Baked Alaska! Mmm... who's coming over?
The Gave Up Her Corporate Career to Stay Home MomEven without all your clever workplace word wizardry, we get it. This is harder.My 10:00 pooped his pants... looks like I'm the executive vice president of Stain Removal today.
The Deal-Mongering MomWhy are there so many logos in my news feed? It's because this mom is hitting "like" on every big box store and claiming every single deal out there, not to mention asking you to mail her your extra Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons. Girl, get your cyber-mitts off my 20% off-ers!Thanks, (Name of Fast Food Chain/ Airline/ Department Store)!
The Hipster MomThe mom who wants to tell the world, "Yeah, I have a baby, but I also basically invented both Etsy and the term 'farm-to-table.'"(No text, just a photo of the kid in only a diaper and headphones, sitting amongst stacks of records. Kid may or may not have a mustache and an ironic rat tail.)
The Quote-y MomSee also: The Deep Thinker Mom. As you read this, this mom is more than likely posting a) an amazingly poignant Elie Wiesel power quote b) an amazingly poignant video about how powerful girls are or c) a video of a dog and a fish making out. "Children's talent to endure stems from their ignorance of alternatives." -- Maya Angelou
The Guilt Complex Working MomNo one's judging you... except you.OMG... check out this video the nanny sent! So cute! I've watched it 100 times today at my desk. (Note: Video is of the kid just sitting there. Doing nothing. Frankly, I've seen sandwiches more talented and effervescent than little Jimmy is.)
The Sexy and I Know It MomYes, you know it. We don't need to.Hanging on to the last days of summer! Yee-haw! (Accompanied by photo of kids splashing in backyard sprinkler -- wait a -- Is that Mom in a bikini in the background? Really? That's the ONLY good picture of the kids frolicking?)
The Munchausen MomIf I didn't know better, I'd say this mom loves taking care of her sick kids more than anything. You know what I'd love more than anything? For her to spare us the details.Dylan's phlegm is finally back from Mountain Dew color to more of an oyster-ish hue, but Jasmine's eyes were crusted closed this morning. At least we're done dealing with the fallout from that bad shrimp salad! Phew!
The Under The Radar MomWait, is she even still on Facebook? You wouldn't know, because this mom just posts every once in a blue moon.Can't believe the twins are 12. Last time I posted was right around the time that new Matthew Perry show was starting! (Note: This mom is so under the radar, she doesn't know Matthew Perry has a new show every year.)
The I Have a Cat-Baby MomJust tell her the cat's cute already. You know it would mean so much to me -- I MEAN "HER."Paco sooooo thinks he's a baby! Look at him wearing that tiny sailor suit and riding around in his Bugaboo!

What other types of Facebook Moms am I missing?