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Liz O'Neill

Liz O'Neill

Posted: October 8, 2010 12:00 PM

8 Unfair College Stereotypes

In the old days it was cheerleaders and frat boys. Today, college has evolved just enough to produce a new crop of cliques, caricatures and student body clichés. But are these individuals really as pat as we think they are?

Of course, no stereotype is a fair stereotype. People add up to more than just the sum total of their clothes, cohorts, and MP3 playlists. More importantly, college is as valuable as it is precisely because it offers opportunities to interact with different people from different places, and to revaluate our cultural categories. So here's to those students we only think we know...

Lacrosse Players
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Somehow, without having a major league to aspire to (at least not one that anyone cares about), lacrosse players manage to be big news on college campuses – often wielding more social currency than schools’ football, basketball, baseball, or hockey teams. What is the fascination? And why do we love to hate these polo-shirted monoliths in their souped-up Wranglers with the LAX decals? Maybe it’s because they often hail from money and private schools. Or maybe it’s because their hair is so unnaturally blond. Whatever their elusive cachet, we should help them closely guard its secret. Men’s tennis is anxiously waiting in wings.
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