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Marlo Triumphs.. "Sex Tape" Flaccid...Ann-Margret Still Sizzles...Patti LuPone Signs On...Art Garfunkel Returns Home..."True Blood" Gets a Healthy Last-Season Transfusion.

(0) Comments | Posted July 22, 2014 | 8:06 AM

"SEX IS emotion in motion," said Mae West.

• SPEAKING OF sex, movies centering on that theme can be fun or frolicsome or tiresome or unpalatable. But like vampires, super-intelligent apes or (more recently) zombies, the sex-comedy genre never grows old. Although now they are often referred to as...

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Remakes, Re-Boots, A Lack of Imagination--But The Money Keeps Rolling In!...Mother/Daughter Memoirs...The Last Words of Elaine Stritch---Exactly What You'd Expect!

(0) Comments | Posted July 21, 2014 | 10:45 AM

"HAS there ever been a summer of 23 sequels before?" asks The Hollywood Reporter's Todd McCarthy. (We here, writing for the older masses, are ever grateful to the lush-
looking Reporter for keeping us so ably up to date.)

Reporter McCarthy goes on: "The praised Dawn of the...

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Elaine Stritch--A Great Life Force Passes On.(But She's Raising The Roof Someplace Else, Right Now!)

(0) Comments | Posted July 18, 2014 | 10:54 AM

"SHE WAS very much Elaine, right until she died this morning."

This is Elaine Stritch's nephew Chris Bolton calling me from Birmingham, Michigan Thursday, a.m. "She never really got over the operation she had when she moved back here recently."

Elaine will be buried with John Bay, her husband,...

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Melissa McCarthy and Me--Was I Too Mean?!...Womanly Passions--and Betrayals--Dominate Anne Somerset's Bio of a British Queen...Hating Celebrities...Disdaining Beauty. (Oh, Really?)

(1) Comments | Posted July 17, 2014 | 10:15 AM

"I ONLY read Liz Smith if her column is visible when I change the paper in the birdcage."

"Doesn't that scare the bird?"

So went an online exchange in response to an article in the Huffington Post about how "everybody" got it wrong about Melissa McCarthy's new movie, Tammy. It's...

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Tuesday's Tossed Salad: Anthony Bourdain...Paul Theroux...Cameron Diaz...Madonna

(0) Comments | Posted July 16, 2014 | 4:30 AM

"RICE IS an explanation for everything!"

That's adventurer/chef Anthony Bourdain talking to Smithsonian magazine for July.

Bourdain tells writer Ron Rosenbaum that "Any rice culture is beautiful. It's super-intricate. Just the irrigation systems, the level of cooperation with your neighbors. Rice has something magical about it."

I know....

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The Monday Mix--QE 2's New Portrait....HBO Sweeps the Emmy Nominations...Lindsay Onstage in London?...How Does Justin Bieber Keep on Losing His Clothes?

(0) Comments | Posted July 14, 2014 | 6:12 AM

"IN PHOTOGRAPHY there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality," said Alfred Stieglitz.

• OUR GOOD Scots Presbyterian pal who just happens to be the genius photographer Harry Benson, has had his darling wife, Gigi, send us some photos Harry took recently of Queen...

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Wednesday Wrap-Up: Charlize and Sean -- What's the Attraction?

(0) Comments | Posted July 9, 2014 | 2:28 PM

"PASSIONATE LOVE, I take it, rarely lasts long and is very troublesome while it does last. Mutual esteem is much more valuable," said Anthony Trollope.

For a man with a name like Trollope, he was certainly a killjoy!

•USUALLY I let my gifted associate Denis Ferrara...

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Recalling the Words and World of John Adams: Everything Old Is New -- and Terrible!

(0) Comments | Posted July 8, 2014 | 11:41 AM


That was Thomas Jefferson's description of the job of the presidency.

I would say for some occupants of the White House -- the current inhabitant, for instance -- it might just be "miserable misery."

•I CAME across the above Jefferson quote re-reading parts of David McCullough's masterpiece John...

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The Leftovers -- a Hit or Will It Be Left for the Dogs?

(0) Comments | Posted July 1, 2014 | 12:52 PM

"BEAUTY IS rarely soft or consolatory. Quite the contrary. Genuine beauty is always quite alarming."

So says one of the characters in Donna Tartt's first bestseller -- The Secret History. I had determined to read Tartt's other works after The Goldfinch. I am down two for three. The Little...

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Who Fixes What in Hollywood?

(0) Comments | Posted June 27, 2014 | 12:52 PM

"HEDDA, I think it's time you just shut the f**k up!"

That was Elizabeth Taylor at the premiere of The Sandpiper, back in 1965. Hedda was sitting a few seats behind Elizabeth and Richard Burton. Hopper, a rabid "red-baiter" and supporter of Sen. Joe McCarthy, was complaining loudly that...

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People Send Me the Most Fascinating Things

(0) Comments | Posted June 26, 2014 | 12:25 PM

"CONTROL YOUR own destiny, or someone else will," said entrepreneur Jack Welch.

•PEOPLE SEND me the most fascinating things! The other day I received a wonderful photograph of Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe embracing. I love it because it is so dramatic, and because it came at a pivotal time...

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Diana Ross -- Still Supreme!...Sean Young -- Still a Bit Bewildering (But Quite Busy!)

(0) Comments | Posted June 26, 2014 | 12:17 PM

"I NEED love, love to ease my mind/And need to find time, someone to call mine/But Mama said, you can't hurry love, no you just have to wait!"

•DIANA ROSS (and the Supremes) belted that one out about four decades ago. And today, the great star, Miss Ross is still...

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Meryl Streep, Maria Callas, Mike Nichols, Terrence McNally, HBO -- a Masterpiece Is Coming!

(3) Comments | Posted June 24, 2014 | 6:47 PM

"I'd like to rip her throat out!"

This is what the great Meryl Streep supposedly said -- all in good actorish fun -- when Madonna's tireless campaign to play the lead in the movie Evita came to pass in 1997.

But that might be the...

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Lee Grant's Dazzling, Delicious, Delirious, Daunting Memoir -- I Said Yes To Everything

(1) Comments | Posted June 21, 2014 | 7:08 PM

""LITTLE Lyova Haskell Rosenthal is precocious," commented the New York Times after the young child actress had warned the tenor onstage that an actor was sneaking up on him with a big knife in a scene from L'Oracolo. (Little actress Lyova was confined thereafter to Gladys Swarthout's dressing room to...

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Lost in Space: Andy Weir's Great Novel, 'The Martian'

(0) Comments | Posted June 19, 2014 | 11:32 AM

"I WONDERED why I wasn't more dead?"

That dry remark comes from Mark Watney, stranded astronaut, within the first few pages of a hugely entertaining novel, The Martian, written by Andy Weir.

•THIS BOOK, a first novel, was originally self-published two years ago. Then Crown publishers bought the...

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Rolling Stone Chooses "I Walk the Line" as the Greatest Country Song, Ever...And Tom Cruise, Bruised By the Internet?

(1) Comments | Posted June 17, 2014 | 12:15 PM

"I FIND it very, very easy to be true, I find myself alone when each day is through/Yes, I'll admit that I'm a fool for you. Because you're mine, I walk the line."

Lyrics from the great Johnny Cash-composed song, "I Walk The Line."

That song has been...

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Pharrell Williams to Play Frank Sinatra's Savvy and Indiscreet Valet?

(0) Comments | Posted June 12, 2014 | 11:23 AM


That was the title of one of Frank Sinatra's most popular Reprise albums, back in 1961. (In fact it was his first disc for Reprise after many successful years with Capitol Records.)

Well, there's going to be plenty of Sinatra style ring-a-ding-ding if...

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Why Do We Dress the Way Do?

(1) Comments | Posted June 6, 2014 | 2:06 PM

ARRIVE at a party in a fringed flapper dress or a hoop skirt, and you're in costume. Come in the style worn by Katharine Hepburn or Barbara Stanwyck in the 1930's -- a dress of woven silk gauze and chiffon that clings to the figure and plunges in the back...
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Two Famous Actresses Feel the Wrath of the Internet

(0) Comments | Posted June 4, 2014 | 4:58 PM

"I THINK we live in such a politically correct time at the moment. It almost feels like the Fifties again. People are so quick to judge and pick on something you say."

That's Michael Fassbender in Details magazine.

•FASSEBENDER'S remark is a major understatement. We now exist...

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The Great Joan Ganz Cooney, the Divine Bette Midler and the Magnificent "Maleficent" Angelina Jolie

(0) Comments | Posted June 4, 2014 | 11:02 AM

"I ALWAYS knew that Sesame Street would be a success -- I just didn't know it was going to be this much of a success!" said co-founder Joan Ganz Cooney at the annual Sesame Workshop blast last week.

It happened at Cipriani 42nd Street which I happen to think...

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