11/10/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Dear Richard Laermer

Thanks for the good photo and your reserved compliments. I am not aware of any more errors in my columns for the Post than are made routinely by everyone writing 90 lines a day. Maybe you just think I made a lot of errors because I am the only living columnist ever to correct mistakes without the threat of a lawsuit. Speaking of errors, I am not "exclusive" to as I am syndicated and also appear twice weekly in Daily Variety.

As for my "babbling" about the Tony awards, I just joined a popular club of people who think the new Tony rules-makers are certifiably nuts. Everyone interested in theater is affronted by recent Tony rulings and I am just one, along with Michael Riedel, who is trying to change that. Are our efforts more "unseemly" in criticizing the Tonys than perhaps yours are in criticizing columnists. Columns exist for criticism. I don't see what's unseemly about my criticisms or yours.

I am still working for a living because I like to work and I am not rich enough to retire. Maybe that's what you find "unseemly."