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Liza Utter
Liza Utter is an award winning restaurateur and beloved host. Her vitality, warmth and genuine charm has won the hearts of her many thousands of customers and celebrity fans at both La Cachette and Beach House  restaurants, which included the likes of stars such as Courteney Cox, Goldie Hawn, Tom Hanks, and Denzel Washington to entertainment industry moguls, politicians and everyone in between. Liza’s unique gift for making people feel welcome and bringing life to any party has earned her an expert reputation as well as being one of America’s most sought after hosts.

Liza is now dedicated to bringing her unique brand of “celebrating every day” to aspiring hosts across the country. Guiding followers on the art of hosting and how to be the life of their own parties is her passion. Through her extensive knowledge and expertise on what makes an occasion a smashing success or a fatal flop, Liza takes a 21st Century approach to hosting and encourages more Americans to bust the “perfection” complex that has plagued women for the past 50 years and bring their authentic selves to the party. Through her motto “It’s the people that make the parties, not the stuff,” Liza brings focus to the host’s experience as the driving force behind a party’s success or failure.

With a husband and two small children, her life of cooking and entertaining has a whole new twist — less time and more demands — and this has helped her define a hosting style that is easy, relaxed, nutritious, and above all fun. Her focus has been to make “fast food” at home that is healthy and can be easily duplicated by anyone. Her desire to pass on to her own kids the joy of every day celebration led her to become the perennial host, creating everything from social gatherings and charity events to executive business dinners, green parties and the must-attend kindergarten graduation event.

Liza has appeared as an expert contributor for ABC, NBC, and Fine Living as well as host of the Style Network’s “The Big Party Plan Off,” a program that showcased Liza’s quest to help real people put on the party of their dreams. Liza also partners with Elyse Walker and helps to host The Pink Party, the hottest party of the year – a fundraiser for the Women’s Cancer Research Institute at Cedar’s Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. Serving on the Advisory Board for the past six years, Liza has collaborated with a host of talent to bring The Pink Party to the next level of Must-Attend events in Los Angeles.

Visit for all your hosting, entertaining and lifestyle needs and follow Liza on Twitter @LizaUtter.

Blog Entries by Liza Utter

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