07/22/2005 04:15 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A Great Summer Bitch Read

Rick Santorum’s new book, It Takes A Family (to judgmentally try and invade the lives of other families) is truly an inspiration.

Not only does unburden women from the shackles of economic freedom with passages like, “The notion that college education is a cost-effective way to help poor, low-skill, unmarried mothers with high school diplomas or GEDs move up the economic ladder is just wrong." (page 138)

He bravely takes on tired liberal philosophy by asking the question, “So what is the liberal definition of freedom-freedom to choose, irrespective of the choice? Freedom without limits? (Page 22)

Finally, someone points out so eloquently and succinctly the dirty truth that liberals are stuck in the past relying on that tired relic called the “Bill of Rights” which should clearly be renamed “The Bill Of Goods.”

Santorum should be applauded for proposing new, Ricktacular amendments to the Constitution that like the one that would prevent those man-on-dogsters from “Taking a Family”.

But it’s his hard hitting analysis of that selfish Bottom Feeding lead singer of the band, Me Too, excuse me U2 that really hits the nail on the head. (pg 22)

Finally, someone is taking on this Irish blowhard who continues to destroy the moral fabric of the globe by tirelessly trying to feed the poor in countries that don’t have Starbucks!

Hello Mr.Vox? The poor in other countries can’t make campaign contributions!

How can this Bono guy sleep at night?

I mean, the year his rock act put out The Joshua Tree, this Bono and his wife traipsed around foreign refugee camps on their vacation.

Compare that to Rick Santorum who just this year, spent his “vacation” tirelessly trying to feed American… Teri Schaivo.

And look how this Bono guys kids have turned out!!!!!!!!!

They also waste their time promoting industry in South America and Africa by way of cotton & design while the Bush twins selflessly took their Judeao/Christian Values and single handedly helped American tavern owners across this great nation exceed their yearly projections.

I mean c’mon, while Bono is scurrilously trying to reduce the debt of poor nations, Santorum was bravely proposing measures that would have allowed a reduction in minimum-wage and overtime-pay protections for millions of workers.

A classic example of what Santorum call, “No Fault Freedom.” (pg 22)

Hey Mr.Bono, wake up and smell the decade!

We want OUR Robin Hood to steal from the poor to pay for the rich.