Alabama Congressman Parker Griffith Epitomizes Everything that is Wrong with Government

09/30/2009 08:39 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Huntsville Alabama Congressman Parker Griffith (D-AL-5) is claiming that he accidentally included language in his new bill, H.R. 3558, which would allow some of his largest campaign contributors and their subsidiaries to receive billions of dollars in government small business contracts.

In an article published in the Florence, Alabama based Times Daily newspaper, Congressman Griffith stated the language in the bill that would have allowed his two top campaign contributors, Boeing and Northrop Grumman, to continue to hijack federal small business contracts were "unintended consequences." (

The American Small Business League (ASBL) uncovered the blatant and colossal loophole for corporate giants immediately after reading the exceedingly short, 283-word legislation.

Congressman Griffith's claim that he really meant to write a piece of legislation to help small businesses, but accidently included language that would divert billions of dollars in federal small businesses contracts to Fortune 500 firms and their subsidiaries is ludicrous. He is either a moron or a liar.

Apparently the same person that writes Congressman Griffith's legislation must also be writing his excuses.

It's amazing how accident-prone Washington bureaucrats are when it comes to giving small business contracts to Fortune 500 firms. The SBA has been claiming that every day for the last ten years Fortune 500 firms get federal small business contracts accidentally through "data entry errors" and "miscoding."

I guess Congress would also claim "unintended consequences" when it passed the Comprehensive Test Program, which helps major Pentagon contractors cheat small businesses by removing the reporting function and any penalties for non-compliance with small business goals.

Parker Griffith's H.R. 3558 is just the most recent example of a crooked politician being bribed by big business to pass legislation that will fill their pockets at the expense of the middle class.

Congressman Griffith is a Randy "Duke" Cunningham wannabe that would have succeeded had it not been for the diligent work of the ASBL's staff. Like Cunningham, who is now serving 8-years in prison for conspiracy to commit bribery, mail fraud, wire fraud and tax evasion; Congressman Griffith appears to have an extremely cozy relationship with Fortune 500 defense contractors in his district.

You would think if Congressman Griffith was telling the truth, and his bill did "unintentionally" contain language that would hurt small businesses as opposed to helping them, he might be grateful to the ASBL for pointing it out.

He accused us of seeking "notoriety" as opposed to our goal of shining the light on another piece of anti-small business legislation from another crooked politician doing the bidding of big business. Quite the contrary, my goal is not to gain notoriety for the ASBL or myself, my goal is to gain notoriety for Huntsville Alabama Congressman Parker Griffith.

I want to make Parker Griffith the poster boy for dishonest slime balls in Washington that think they can pass legislation to make their fat cat campaign contributors rich by cheating small businesses and the middle class.

It is no coincidence that virtually all of the nation's largest defense contractors are major contributors to the House Small Business Committee. Gee, I wonder if that would explain why over a dozen federal investigations found that hundreds of billions of dollars in federal small business contracts have been diverted to those same Fortune 500 defense contractors and Congress has never passed a single piece of legislation to stop it.

I know Congressman Griffith's staff is reading everything I am writing on this subject, so let me say this to Congressman Griffith and his staff. I meant to write a really complimentary piece about you, but I unintentionally wrote this piece calling you a lying crook, a moron and a slime ball politician that should be investigated by the FBI for bribery.