The Full Mountie: Becoming A Canadian Mountie For A Day (VIDEO)

11/17/2011 08:57 am ET | Updated Jan 17, 2012
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Everyone's talking about "local travel." Staying in apartment rentals, making meals from local produce from farmer's markets, sticking with neighborhood parks and shops and leaving the big-time museums and chain hotels behind.

Question: what comes after that?

Full immersion. Travel to become something -- or someone -- else.

Recently I got to spend a couple days "being" a Canadian Mountie at Regina, Saskatchewan's Royal Canadian Mounted Police Depot Division, where Mounties have been made since 1885. I even got an official "Mountie regulation mustache," even if I was the only one in the troop wearing one.

What are other ways to immerse? I've pulled together a list of six ways to transform yourself through travel in the USA, including becoming a clown and becoming a falconer, but there are many more you can find in your own part of the world.

Have you ever traveled to become something else, even if just for a day?