The Full Mountie: Becoming A Canadian Mountie For A Day (VIDEO)

11/17/2011 08:57 am ET | Updated Jan 17, 2012

Everyone's talking about "local travel." Staying in apartment rentals, making meals from local produce from farmer's markets, sticking with neighborhood parks and shops and leaving the big-time museums and chain hotels behind.

Question: what comes after that?

Full immersion. Travel to become something -- or someone -- else.

Recently I got to spend a couple days "being" a Canadian Mountie at Regina, Saskatchewan's Royal Canadian Mounted Police Depot Division, where Mounties have been made since 1885. I even got an official "Mountie regulation mustache," even if I was the only one in the troop wearing one.

What are other ways to immerse? I've pulled together a list of six ways to transform yourself through travel in the USA, including becoming a clown and becoming a falconer, but there are many more you can find in your own part of the world.

Have you ever traveled to become something else, even if just for a day?