Security Moms: Time to Change Direction

09/08/2006 10:35 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Looks like Security Moms and many other Americans are thinking twice before falling for the fear narrative this election season. (disclosure: I direct the national security policy for the organization that commissioned this survey)

Mark Silva at the Chicago Tribune writes :

In this era of tough talk on national security, a new survey suggests that candidates campaigning with a promise of promoting better international cooperation among the United States and other nations could draw great attention from voters.

The survey also suggests that women can campaign on an equal footing with men on this question, and that it is far more compelling than the Bush adminstration's message on national security - that perhaps this even marks "the end of cowboy diplomacy.''

For women seeking office in record numbers this year, the promise of a foreign policy predicated on stronger international cooperation offers a compelling message, one which greatly appeals to voters - men and women alike - according to a study run by The White House Project, a nonpartisan organization that promotes women in politics.

Read more and click through to the survey memo here.