The Price of Silence

09/28/2011 03:16 pm 15:16:43 | Updated Nov 23, 2011

The amendment tabled by the Radical Party against the tax exemption for the Church was rejected. The Berlusconi government, with the support from the great majority of the opposing parties, has expressed its opposition. The Italian austerity plan, approved by a vote of confidence in parliament, does not include any municipal tax on buildings owned by the Church but not intended for purposes of worship. However, no politician has motivated his vote. No one has explained to the 140 thousand of the Facebook group "Vatican pays you" because it is right that the privilege remains. The Government has not told his voters why it chose to give an income tax up estimated between 400 and 700 million euro each year. Silence. And in the silence and with the silence, the Church is thanking.

On September 16, Il Fatto Quotidiano newspaper has published the statement of one of the participants in the Bunga Bunga sex parties. She said that the Premier liked to organize party, once a month, dedicated to a movie. The girl who chose the film also organized a show for the Premier. In February 2010 the organizer was Nicole Minetti (now under investigation in the Rubygate with Lele Mora and Emilio Fede for instigating prostitution). The film chosen, Sister Act.

The witness of Bunga Bunga tells:

Nicole was beautiful dressed as a nun. She went up on stage, the one with the now famous pole lap dance. She did a dance and striptease. A great show, really. When she remained naked the president approached, took the wooden cross that keeps around his neck and said 'Holy God bless you'; then leaned the cross on the head, between her legs and on breasts.

It seems that Silvio Berlusconi loved to close his parties so.

He always did it, was the specialty of the President, he touched and blessed.

I leave you the burden to comment on (if needed) these statements. But I want to tell what has been the reaction of the Vatican: Silence. Not a word of condemnation. No comment on the commodification of women. No statement on the Premier's profane habits. Suddenly the word "moral" was removed from the vocabulary of the Vatican. There is no sacrilege in front of the privilege tax. There is no condemnation for those who are condescending to the richness of the Church.

Italian State and Vatican remain side by side in joy and sorrow. One supports the condemnation of the civil partnership, the other turns a blind eye on the Premier's private vices. The first works to keep tax exemptions and privileges, the second is silent on the foul traffic of women, including those underage. The government encourages the entrepreneurial ambitions of the Vatican and the Church, being silent, agrees that Silvio Berlusconi blesses his guests with the cross.

Who cares if the faithful remain to look amazed, waiting for a word is pronounced. Everything has a price. And it is easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye than for the Vatican to deny a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.