Breaking Down the Walls Between Different Religions

04/08/2013 11:34 am ET | Updated Jun 08, 2013
  • Lorna Byrne Author, #1 International bestsellers,"Love From Heaven and 'A Message of Hope from the Angels'

When I talk of the importance of people of different religions coming together to pray, the response is frequently, "Oh, we are already doing that."

I am told though that most of the time the way that people of different religions are praying together is constrained and limited -- limited in format, in frequency or in who is involved. It needs to become normal for all of us, regardless of our education, our status in life or our method or place of prayer, to come together with open hearts -- without any agenda -- to pray to God in whatever way feels appropriate to us.

I am told that when we really start to do this we will break down the walls that exist between different religions and will speed up the spiritual evolution of humanity, which will make our world a much better place.

I appreciate that there will be many out there who will ask who am I to comment on this? What do I know? These are very fair questions. I am just an ordinary woman with hardly any education, let alone a degree in theology. However, since I was a child I have seen angels, I see them physically as I see people in front of me, and I see them everyday. I see a guardian angel behind each and every person regardless of their religion, or whether they believe in anything at all. I didn't tell anyone about what I was seeing until after I was widowed and my children were grown -- I always say God chose this time not me.

The angels have told me that people of all religions have been gathered to America from all over the world. The founding fathers came here wishing to create a new world -- a world where people were free, free to live in equality and justice and free to practise their religion. The world they were meant to create was one where there was freedom of religion and where religions were practised side by side, within communities that intermingled. This vision was not realised though. They didn't listen fully. Yes, people were free to practice their religion, but religions were segregated. Instead of creating a society where religions were practiced side by side they created one where walls were built between different religions, which over time caused them to fear and compete with each other.

As well as that, the different religions splintered and fragmented into different groups, which competed with each other too.

The truth is that one of the biggest challenges to world peace is stopping people from thinking that their religious grouping is better than any other. There should be no competing for God. Religion should have nothing to do with ego, and churches should not be about power or money. Churches need to stop wanting to convert people.

I have been shown a vision of how praying together could look in the future. There were thousands of people -- men, women and children of all ages -- in a big circle. People were praying in whatever position felt most comfortable to them, standing, kneeling, sitting and lying. Watching them it was clear they came from different religious traditions. They seemed to alternate between praying using their own words and languages and praying in silence. Yet it was all part of one big prayer, they were as one. Everyone was praying with their heart and soul, and was fully engrossed in their prayer. There was so much peace and joy. I felt as if I was being shown a glimpse of Heaven.

The angels have told me that individual religions will continue to exist and people will continue to have their own religious traditions and rituals but that there will be a new umbrella movement which brings the different religions together in prayer. I am not talking about theologians or church leaders getting together -- I am talking about ordinary people. When we start to really pray together with people of different religions we will lose our fears of each other and get to know and understand each other and grow in friendship.

Religions praying together as one will be the cornerstone of a new, significantly more peaceful, world.