Abundance: It's the New Currency

07/22/2010 01:05 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Times are tough. Unemployment numbers are dismal, people's homes are still going back to the banks, and gas prices are on the rise. But you know what? Maybe the universe is sending a message loud and clear: money isn't everything. There's a different way to prosper.

I saw an interview with Kurt Cobain about his transition from musician to icon. He told the interviewer that he missed the special times when he could find the perfect item at a thrift store. Eventually he could afford to buy whatever he wanted, but he said it didn't have the same magic.

I know people who are finding magic in their lives right now. It's coming in forms of help from neighbors, friends, family, and churches. The abundance is also coming from perfect timing, coincidences, and unexpected small windfalls.

Maybe our country is learning about a new form of currency. Big business doesn't control it, and your job doesn't dictate it; it's an energy force all its own.

In my intuitive practice, I create exercises to help people let go of their anxieties and bring in their abundance, and it works. Here's a quick exercise. Take a permanent marker, an old plate, and a hammer. Write down everything that's bugging you on the plate. Then smash it to bits with the hammer. The idea is that you've taken all the troubles out of your head, broken them up, and handed them off to where they should go: to the universe.

The next exercise is about creating what you want. Take another plate, write down pictures of what you want, place tea candles on the plate, and then call in God's abundance.

Here's a video how-to from yours truly:

In this video I use a Wiccan symbol, but you can also use any religious or spiritual icon that you like. These exercises work. The latest video was made a week ago, and I've had dozens of people tell me that they did it and they manifested.

The point is this: we have it in our power to manifest, no matter what the economic circumstances are around us. Sometimes we have to take our desires into the physical realm to make them real. I share this for those of us who sometimes feel powerless amidst our circumstances. Perhaps this money debacle is a chance for us to reclaim our real power.