03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Anna Nicole: Killer Support

Ok, so TMZ is reporting that Anna Nicole Smith got naked with her female therapist Dr. Khristine Eroshevich. That's the same psychiatrist who prescribed a mix of medications Smith was taking when she died of an accidental overdose. Smith was represented by her attorney, Howard K. Stern, who she was romantically involved with at the time of her death. Anna Nicole Smith had money, but I guess money can't buy you love, good support and especially, boundaries. Here's a beautiful woman who had an international audience. She'd surrounded herself with a professional support team...some of the same people with whom she was apparently having sex. There's a lot to be said about having professional boundaries. That's why psychiatrists and attorneys have a code of ethics. That's why clients and patients also need to understand and enforce their rights. If you're paying someone to help you, there's a clear, clean energy exchange. If you're sleeping with them, that's a lot of blurred boundaries.
Anna Nicole Smith looked stunning and statuesque on video and in stills. On her show, she seemed lost, childlike and frankly not that bright. But after reading recent news blurbs coming from documents in the latest court case involving her death, I'd say the dumbest thing she did was not choosing a good support team.

We all need entourages in life. It's who we choose that makes the difference. Are we selecting people who nurture our egos or our souls? Are they people who are energy vampires or those who take responsibility for their words and deeds? No one is perfect. But someone who's attempting intimate communication and taking loving actions is worth their weight in gold.

We humans are so frail and sometimes the humans who live their lives in the spotlight are in many ways the most fragile of all. They have to pad themselves with an entourage. And sadly, they often pick the wrong people. They choose a group that supports them in their drug/sex addictions, they select a group that sucks the life force and money out of them. Real friends dare to interrupt self-destructive behavior by a loved one. Who was in Smith's inner circle to do that? Granted, she was a big girl, mature enough to make her own decisions. But sometimes, when you're caught in the middle of an addiction (drugs, sex, smoking) you can't find your way out without a good friend to give you a lifeline.

There's a reason they call celebrities stars. Their lights shine brightly. But in a way, we all have our own bright lights pulling people toward us. The question is, are we discerning about who we let stay in our inner circle? In Anna Nicole Smith's case, it seems she picked a killer support team.

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