03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

You Say You Believe In God: What Are You Willing To Do About It?

So what is the point of vaguely believing in God energy, but not interacting with it? I just have to ask. Over and over again I meet people who say they have a feeling God exists. But then they don't take it any further. Is it just that if God remains some distant undefined blob, then not much is asked of either God or me and we can all get on with our lives without any more complications? Kind of like a one night stand? "Yes, I know you exist, but I'm not into complicated relationships, so I'm moving along."

Personally, I come from a somewhat skeptical background, but I now believe in a higher power that works with me in my life and in the lives of so many that I've met. I worked in television news for many years, eventually becoming an investigative reporter in Minneapolis, Minnesota. While doing my job I often observed people turned to God when extreme circumstances dictated. But often it ended up being a one-shot deal. It went something like this, "Hey, God, how about some help with my finances, coping with a death or divorce, or a job change? Ok, thanks, now I'm moving along."

In my life, three major incidents pulled me to God. One, I got sober. Two, I lost a pregnancy at nine months. Three, I became suddenly intuitive in ways I never imagined.

Now I counsel people in the ways of becoming more intuitive themselves and ways to interact more with God. I have clients who are having many strange and wondrous experiences. They have uncanny coincidences or they feel they are receiving direct signs from the universe. There's a crazy synchronicity to their lives. They've said a kind of prayer to see if this God thing really shows up in their lives and after they do that, they see God or some sort of universal, powerful loving force is at work in their lives.

Look, even if you're skeptical, why not give it a try? Let's play, what if God really does exist and can do something for me? What if God really does exist and I can do something to be part of that energy? I mean, life's short, why not give it a whirl? There are hundreds of books right now on the spirituality shelf at your local bookstore about hooking up with God. The problem is, reading a book doesn't get you there. Taking action steps is where you really find the proof is in the pudding. The entire recovery program of Alcoholics Anonymous and recovery groups like that are built on taking action steps toward sobriety and faith. Now, your brain may want to take hold of this notion and go for the lottery numbers. But to really get down to brass tacks, I dare you to take the mini-miracle challenge.

What is this stupid mini miracle challenge you ask? Go for the most mini miracles you can manifest in a week. I'm talking parking spaces, great seats on public transportation, a huge sale on your favorite retail item, having an easy day at home with the family without the kids fighting, stuff like that.

One thing I've learned over the last decade is that big miracles come in small packages. Last week I really needed to ask the head of our kids' junior high school a question about the dance my daughter was attending. I forgot to send an email. But as my husband and I were sitting at a coffee shop across town from the school, in walks the woman who runs the junior high school. I asked her the question and we were done. I later talked to another mom who'd been repeatedly emailing the woman with the same question and really never got an answer. Now, that may seem like coincidence, but I'm telling you, when you start stacking up synchronicities that seem to save time and energy, it looks a lot like miracles.

The one hundred and fifty people on my Facebook spend a lot of time posting positive messages and talking about synchronicities in their lives. Sometimes when I look at news accounts about what's going on in the world, my Facebook friends seem a little out of step with perceived reality. But then I remember, my Facebook friends are doing things a bit differently. They're interacting with higher power energy on a daily basis. And they seem to be experiencing mini miracles every day. Come on, take the mini miracle challenge and see what gives in the upcoming week. If you say you believe in God, then what are you willing to do about it?

Ask God to show him or herself by allowing the divine to perform acts of random kindness in your own life. Don't take someone else's word for it. Get proof. Ask for mini miracles and see what gives. It's a lot like going through the drive through. I suspect there are some pre-prepared miracles waiting for you, all you have to do is ask.