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Cara McClellan

What Tahj Blow's Police Encounter Reveals About Student Activism in the #Blacklivesmatter Movement

Cara McClellan | January 28, 2015 | Black Voices
Even for students who have overcome statistics, escaped the so-called "school-to-prison pipeline," and ascended into the most elite educational settings, the most basic messaging of this system for enforcing identity still resonates, if only through brief, but highly symbolic encounters.
Devra Maza

Ode to Joy: Robin, Joan and Laughter's Long Life

Devra Maza | January 28, 2015 | Entertainment
Both Robin and Joan knew that, in a world of terrorists, trauma, financial hardships and upheaval, humor is an indispensable tonic to our troubles.
Lorri L. Jean

Huge Turning Point By Mormon Church or Dangerous Scheme?

Lorri L. Jean | January 28, 2015 | Gay Voices
How could it be anything other than groundbreaking news when leaders of a large and very conservative church support legislation to end discrimination against LGBT people?!
Edward Goldman

Fine Art of Art Documentary

Edward Goldman | January 27, 2015 | Arts
In the last few weeks, Laemmle Theaters added to this Monday program a series of exciting documentaries.

22 Chefs Tell Us What They'd Eat Every Day If They Could

Thrillist | January 27, 2015 | Taste
If you could have one meal every single day for the rest of your life, where would it be from, and what would it be?
Jennifer Wolfe

The Right to Die

Jennifer Wolfe | January 27, 2015 | Politics
Why can't we offer dignity to those that know they are dying, that know that they will die in excruciating pain and will spend their last days suffering? Why can't we respect the wishes of those who want to exit gracefully, respectfully, surrounded by those they love?
Peter Greene

More Hard Charter Lessons

Peter Greene | January 27, 2015 | Education
Enrolling your child in a charter is making a bet that the school will be in business as long as you want to send your child to it. If you lose the bet, you have to know that losing was always a possibility when you made the bet in the first place.
Ian Spanier

RIGHT NEXT DOOR: Gary Russo, Ironworker, the "2nd Avenue Singing Sinatra"

Ian Spanier | January 27, 2015 | Los Angeles
Working on the construction of Manhattan's 2nd Avenue subway line in 2010, Russo -- going through a divorce and fighting depression -- decided to exorcise his demons by serenading passersby on his lunch break. Hours of practice at home made him...
Sarah Bowman

6 Ways to Wrap Up an Art-Filled January

Sarah Bowman | January 27, 2015 | Los Angeles
January is art month in LA, and we have four excellent ways to see more new art this week: Sunday is FREE Museum Day around town, the Art LA Contemporary Fair is in town, as well as the intriguing LA Art Book Fair, and the Autry holds its Masters of the American West annual survey of contemporary western artists.
Richard (RJ) Eskow

Liberate 41 Million Americans From Student Loan Debt

Richard (RJ) Eskow | January 27, 2015 | Politics
A student debt "jubilee" would reflect both the values upon which this nation was founded, and the economic principles which have sustained it through its greatest periods of growth and prosperity. It is time for a truly transformative idea: Let's Abolish All Student Loan Debt in America.
Dan Glickman

2015 Means New FDA Calorie Labeling on Menus

Dan Glickman | January 26, 2015 | Politics
Readily available calorie information is crucial for consumers to be able to make informed food choices throughout the day as they get their food from a variety of venues. Our nation is facing rising rates of obesity and chronic disease that continue to push health care spending higher.
Stacie Corliss

30 Days of Online Dating: Dude, Where's My Car?

Stacie Corliss | January 26, 2015 | Comedy
Here goes nothin'. We agree upon a 5:30 p.m. Friday dinner at The Six in Culver City. Why are we dining with the octogenarians? Because I have another date set for that evening at 8 p.m.
Cindra Ladd

Cosby: 'Trust Me.'

Cindra Ladd | January 26, 2015 | Entertainment
Why speak out about Bill Cosby now? The simple answer is that it's the right thing to do. The truth deserves to be known. As I write this, more than 20 women have come forward, many with stories that are remarkably similar to mine.
William Bradley

How American Sniper Became a Surprise Mega-Hit Honoring America's Martial Culture and Highlighting the Futility of the Iraq War

William Bradley | January 25, 2015 | Entertainment
American Sniper is well on its way to being the biggest war film ever at the domestic box office, and second most popular R-rated film ever behind The Passion of the Christ.
Jay Weston

Lani Hall's Audio Book, EMOTIONAL MEMOIRS, is Worth a Listen!

Jay Weston | January 26, 2015 | Los Angeles
I have never before listened to an audio book. How Luddite is that of me? I am just old-fashioned enough to think that I needed to have the heft of a hardcover book in my hands to read it.

30 Different Ways to Tie a Tie That Every Man Should Know

ShirtsMyWay | January 26, 2015 | Style
You can make a statement with these knots any day of the week or simply use them to look elegant and stylish during those special events where you really need to stand out. Either way, you'll practically be a forefather of men's fashion no matter which style you choose.
James Marshall Crotty

American Sniper Sanitizes Colossally Boneheaded Iraq War

James Marshall Crotty | January 23, 2015 | Entertainment
It, thus, effectively sanitizes this dark chapter in U.S. history, making it safe again for the masses to embrace chicken-hawk George W. Bush's deceitfully sold Iraq misadventure.
Jonathan Kim

ReThink Review: American Sniper -- Can There Be Heroes on the Wrong Side of History?

Jonathan Kim | January 23, 2015 | Entertainment
I see soldier worship as harmful because it so easily morphs into support for wars, no matter how unjust, by letting our affection for our fellow citizens in uniform and our desire to see them come home alive obscure the truth behind what they're supposedly fighting and dying for, which is rarely as black and white as we are told or wish it to be.
Joel Epstein

LA Metro's Next CEO

Joel Epstein | January 22, 2015 | Los Angeles
So who will it be? An insider from the County transportation agency? An out-of-towner who knows how to build and manage a large urban transit system? A transit rider.
Carole Bartolotto

Construction of California's High-Speed Rail Could Increase Risk of Fungal Infection

Carole Bartolotto | January 22, 2015 | Green
On January 4, 2015, construction of the high-speed rail began in Fresno, California. During construction, soil will be disrupted due to grading for the above-ground sections of the route and tunneling for the sections of the rail that will run underground. In both cases, fungal spores could become airborne.
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