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Haiti Aid Effort: Oxfam America's Top 10 Photos

The outpouring of global public support in response to the January 12th earthquake in Haiti earthquake enabled Oxfam and other agencies to get aid through to the Haitian people and make a real difference.

However, recovery in Haiti is one of the most complex humanitarian and development challenges in modern times.

For the past six months, Oxfam's programs have scaled up to provide water and sanitation, public health education, and ensuring people have access to food and basic cash programs.

We are currently helping over 440,000 people through our relief and recovery programs. That accounts for over 20 percent of the earthquake-affected population of 2 million people. Our staff has grown from less than 100 people before January 12th to around 700, of which over 80 percent are Haitians. Here are a few pictures of Oxfam's work in Haiti.

Oxfam America

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