About Face(book)

10/04/2010 03:30 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

About Face(book)

I went to see The Social Network this past weekend. The movie is about the beginnings and the fruition of Facebook. It depicts the genius of Mark Zuckerberg and his questionable moral code. I found the Zuckerberg character to be repulsive but simultaneously, his quirky "outside the box" method of thinking drew me to him. His intuition to create the Website and his ability to actualize Facebook made for a riveting film. Having this propensity to think and reason as uniquely as Mr. Zuckerberg is an invaluable asset for creative people. Watching the film made me hyper aware of the importance of keeping my mind open. This kind of creativity should always be nurtured and unfortunately is often dismissed.

I attended many of the fashion shows for spring 2011. I can't tell you how many times I heard the phrase, often said in a dismissive tone, "that look is only for the runways." Ironically, the looks that seem so bizarre are the very aspects of the shows that determine the changing face of what women will look like in the coming year. I am not suggesting that many women will walk around with frizzy hair, almost always wearing a strong deep side part, embellished with multiple obvious accessories. I am not advocating the brightly colored eyes and the strong matte lips that appeared at the spring 2011 shows. I do think, however, that we will see many women accepting and even emphasizing their own hair texture instead of trying to change it or fight it. I think we will see many hairstyles with face-flattering side parts and a return of subtle hair combs, clips and accessories. The smokey eye will give way to color and lips also will have a touch of color. Their finish will almost always be matte. All of the trends mentioned above were determined by the work of some of the most creative and forward thinking hairstylists and makeup artists in the world today. Any one of these trends can be easily dismissed but most likely will start to pop up virtually unnoticed.

People who think "out of the box" are often the people who initiate many of the changes that become turning points with lasting effects on the world. Mr. Zuckerberg's Facebook has changed forever the way we gather information and communicate. Beauty trends can't compete with the founding of Facebook, but that does not make them easy to ignore.