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How To Avoid Holly Madison Hair

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On a flight from New York City to Los Angeles, I was sitting in my usual aisle seat and staring straight ahead, seeing nothing. I had woken up at 4:30 a.m. and had shot this week's Ambush Makeover on the Today Show before heading to the airport. Even in my sleep-deprived haze, however, I couldn't help but notice that people on both sides of the aisle were either reading an article about Tiger Woods or looking at tabloid pictures of one his alleged lovers. At a distance, all the women involved seemed to blur together. They all appeared to have inflated lips, enhanced breasts and long hair extensions. It almost looked like all the women in question were wearing the same uniform.

Last night I was watching TMZ. Holly Madison, herself an uber-blond playmate from E! channel's The Girls Next Door was interviewed by one of their reporters. She called these women "hood rats." Don't feel like a loser if you don't understand this terminology. I had never heard the expression before, but I knew it did not mean anything good. I immediately realized that these woman had created a new genre. I made a mental note to myself: Never let any woman walk out of the salon looking like a "Barbie Doll." It is imperative that anything resembling this look be changed immediately. It projects the wrong message.

Not that I think looking hot or sexy is wrong. I think all of us are flattered when our sexuality is recognized and appreciated. It's the gross exaggeration of a hair style, hair color or augmented body part to convey sexuality that is wrong. This changes the look from hot and sexy to a woman with an agenda.

What's Hot

* Long hair with layers and movement.

* Shorter haircuts that are long on style.

* Shiny hair in great condition that begs to be touched.

* Hair color that accents your skin color and eye color.

* Hair that looks effortless. It should almost create the illusion that it simply falls into place.

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