Pink Tweets She Hates Her Haircut

03/21/2011 12:54 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Pink recently showed up at the premiere of The Lincoln Lawyer with a new hairstyle.  She hated it. She tweeted "The woman that did my hair butchered it." To Pink's credit, she did not mention her by name, which would not have been the best moment of the hairdresser's career. Unfortunately, Pink was photographed by the press looking less than her usual glam rock self. Luckily, she wears her hair short and it will not take long for her to go back to looking like her spectacular self. This woman has the fashion savvy to make her transition fun and fabulous. Who knows? She might even start a few new trends as her hair grows back.

Many of us have experienced a bad haircut. It can be a  heartbreaking experience that leaves you feeling hopeless. It is incredibly frustrating to go to a professional in order to look and feel better after your haircut and walk out wishing you had never sat in your hairdresser's chair. Now is not the time to have an emotional collapse. It is the time to figure out the best way to style your hair in the most flattering way possible until it grows out. Don't panic! Make the best of a difficult situation. Here are some solutions to disguise a less-than-attractive cut.

1) Talk to the hairdresser who cut your hair. Let the person know that you are not satisfied. Try to explain why you think the haircut doesn't look right on you. Ask if there are any solutions to make it more to your liking. If you feel like you have developed a line of communication and trust, give the hairdresser another chance. If not, you should move on and interview other hairdressers.

2) Clip-on extensions, bangs or a pony, are minor investments that look incredibly real. They can change the shape and look of any haircut in seconds and are perfectly safe. You can easily take them off every night and put them back in the morning. They will never pull on or break your hair while you are sleeping.

6) Grow it out -- but keep it in shape. Trims are necessary even when you are growing your hair out. There is nothing worse than hair that is out of proportion when you already hate your haircut. Remember I said trim your hair only. Don't let your hairdresser go scissor happy, which will usually only exaggerate the trouble. Small trims are the most immediate way to solve your hair problem.

Own the haircut and act like you love it even if you don't. Having confidence wearing any hairstyle will make it -- and you -- more attractive. Remember that even if you dread what your hair will look like while it's growing, try to have fun with the different looks during the process. Who knows? You might stumble on a style that was long overdue and that you love.