05/08/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Style Hits and Misses at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards

On Friday, I was on the plane from New York to Los Angeles. The plane seemed filled with people in the movie business, all going to the Academy Awards. There was more networking going on than at any Hollywood party. Everyone was chatting across the aisles. If I could have heard one quarter of the conversations, I would be the most in-the-know guy in the business and have enough gossip to fill the tabloids for weeks.

The two basic conversations were who was going to win an Oscar and, of course, what they were wearing to the parties and the ceremony. The most surprising thing to me was that they still hadn't definitely decided on their dresses for the various evenings. Anna Kendrick (right) would later admit on the red carpet to changing her mind at the last minute to a pink blush chiffon dress. She made the right decision -- she looked gorgeous.

Everyone was talking about how their clothes were in the hands of FedEx. It sounded like entire wardrobes were being sent to the west coast. I could only guess the amount of jewels that were stashed in their Hermes bags. Not to mention, all the borrowed bijoux that were waiting for them in their hotel rooms.

My plane landed around 4 p.m. Pacific time, and I went straight to the salon. The ladies and gentlemen were already waiting in my chairs. Because I couldn't leave New York until I had finished my weekly "Ambush Makeover" segment for the Today show, I now had less than two days to do my best to make everyone's hair their most beautiful. The clock was ticking and the salon was buzzing. There were actors, agents and executives in every corner of the salon, all wanting to look "red carpet" ready. My assistant was literally holding my color apron and gloves out as I walked in the door. Within minutes I was hands deep in color. I worked past midnight, only to start all over again at 7 a.m. on Saturday.

The Who's Who of the business paraded through the front door. It's a long and grueling day, but I seldom have more fun at work. It's a total high getting a room full of heavy hitters ready for one of the most important nights of their lives.

I worked until midnight for the second night in a row. I was excited, tired and full of anticipation for the show. Now I just had to wait and see how everyone looked on TV. The clock finally seemed to have slowed down. I went to the gym Sunday morning and then found myself pacing in front of the TV, waiting for the first person to promenade down the red carpet.

The Standouts


Sandra Bullock looked beautiful with her dark brunette mane worn long and with the most minimal wave. She wore a beautiful pale golden dress. I wondered whether this was a premonition of her potential win.

Zoe Saldana's beauty is breathtaking, but her dress was frightening. This woman is an incredible natural beauty. Her face, hair and makeup were impeccable. The bodice of her dress was beautifully embellished with crystals, but the bottom looked like an arts and crafts project gone bad.

Sarah Jessica Parker looked like she was channeling Ursula Andress in the '60s. More recently, she reminded me of Julianne Moore's character in A Single Man. My question: Was she a fashion do or don't? I'm sorry to say it was probably more of a fashion don't.

Jennifer Lopez looked beautiful from the waist up. She wore an elegant up-do with well-placed highlights. Her makeup was impeccable. Her Armani dress unfortunately took a sudden wrong turn at her left hip. It was an amazing dress except for its asymmetric silhouette shape.

Cameron Diaz looked her most beautiful. Her hair was the perfect pale muti-dimensional blond, longer and thicker than usual. I suspect she added a few extensions to achieve this glamorous new look.

As a blonde, lovely Carey Mulligan reached a new height of glamour. She is undoubtedly this generation's Audrey Hepburn.

Sigourney Weaver's hair looked fine. She played it safe and she looked pretty. It was her dress that looked like a badly wrapped Christmas present. The color, the broach at her shoulder, and a misplaced sash all hid her gorgeous body and stature.

Charlize Theron is always beautiful and did not disappoint anyone tonight. She wore her hair simple and tied back, with a side-swept bang. It would be almost impossible to make this woman look less than perfect, although her dress was questionable.

Overall, it was a great evening. Glamour was the key work for the night and is the trend for 2010. By the way, I was right. Sandra Bullock's dress did forecast her victory. I think she knew she owned this award.

Who's on your best and worst dressed list of the night?