The Fountain of Youth Found in a New Hairdo

12/21/2009 01:39 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

As the New Year approaches, almost all of us re-evaluate our lives. We think about our past and future, our achievements and goals. Once we reach our 30s or, at most, our 40s, we also begin to notice how our appearance has changed over the years. With this awareness usually comes the universal desire to turn back time. Thankfully, most of us realize this is impossible, which doesn't stop the quest to look our best at any age.

Looking good as we age does take more time and more effort. The days of being out until midnight and looking fresh in the morning are long over. Most of us keep our drinking to a minimal because of the calories, and because hangovers hurt too much. We tend to panic if we find ourselves up late enough to be watching the late-night talk shows.

Standing behind the chair of my salons in New York City and Beverly Hills, I have seen and heard of every state-of-the-art technique for restoring youth. They range from face creams that claim to diminish or prevent wrinkles to the most extreme and expensive surgeries. These treatments can be effective when done well and with restraint. But, for much less money, a visit to your local hair salon can keep you looking vital and erase years from your appearance in only a few hours. Here are some salon tips to keep you looking your best.

Color Your Hair

Grey hair is almost always aging. Very few people are fortunate enough to have the right coloring to wear their hair grey. Grey hair usually drains the color from your complexion, making you look older than your years. Even if your hair doesn't go grey, it does become a duller color with age. Hair color can restore the warmth and richness of your natural color.

Find a Great Haircutter

Getting the right haircut is essential to looking your best. The right cut can lift your features and make you look years younger. Long layers cut to the appropriate length can restore cheekbones. Bangs can hide forehead lines and furrows. Hair cut to below the chin can disguise a droopy jaw line or neck. The right length haircut can even make you appear taller.

Glaze Your Hair

Look at the hair of any child. It always has a natural shimmer that seems to reflect light. You can put that shimmer back in your hair with a hair glaze. A hair glaze is a non-peroxide coating that adds shine to your hair. Glazes can be colorless or add a hint of color.

Thin Is Not In

Women lose hair as they age. This is a secret that is never discussed, but happens to many women, and can start when a woman is still in her twenties. The right haircut, usually blunt or with long layers, will give fine hair a semblance of fullness. Hair color also coats the hair, making it feel thicker. Avoid long hair. This will make hair look thin and see through.

Treat Your Hair with Tender Love and Care

Your hair can stay forever young with a little TLC. Think of how much you abuse your hair every day from blow drying, flat irons, curling irons, constant shampooing, or just combing tangled hair too quickly. This kind of daily treatment makes your hair appear dull, dry, and can often lead to breakage. You must use all heat styling appliances with moderation. Do not use them on their hottest setting, which will burn your hair after repeated use. Wet, tangled hair is extremely fragile. Always use a pinch of conditioner on the ends of you hair. This will allow you to gently comb out tangles with a wide-tooth comb, starting from the ends of you hair. Wet tangled hair that is combed or brushed roughly will snap and break.

Trying to stop the clock is futile. I've been around many women who have tried. It never works. On the other hand, looking vibrant and vital is very possible. It requires some effort, a bit of common sense, and of course, a good hairdresser.

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