03/10/2011 11:27 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Your Hairstylist Is Leaving the Salon? Say It Isn't So!

Life is full of unexpected twist and turns. Fortunately or not, this is the nature of life. Sometimes the changes make life easier and at other times, they just create yet another aggravation to make things more difficult. Often at the very moment your life is in order, something goes awry to make it a bit more complicated. Not all of these changes have to be the insurmountable difficulties. In fact, they are usually just minor annoyances. Having your favorite hairdresser leave your salon is a perfect example of this kind of upsetting situation.

To have most or all of your beauty maintenance taken care of in one salon is a great convenience. You can make one stop and have your hair colored, cut and blown dry, plus get manicures, pedicures and any other beauty services the salon provides. This is one part of your life that should be a pleasure and is easy to manage. You know what to expect. You feel in control.

Just when everything seems to be copasetic, you get that shockingly unexpected phone call or letter: Your favorite hairdresser has moved to another salon. Your beauty maintenance team has split up. Does this mean you will have to schlep from salon to salon or that you will have to find another special person to take care of your beauty needs within the original salon? This can be a difficult call. When you find someone who understands what your hair needs, the thought of giving this person up is extremely overwhelming. The sudden need to run from salon to salon is equally repulsive. What is the best solution to this perhaps petty but definitely problematic situation? Do you remain loyal to your hairdresser or to the salon?

Here are some questions you should ask yourself: Does your salon make you feel welcomed and like your home away from home? Is there other talent at the salon with a similar aesthetic who can service you and needs that you have previously ignored or always wanted to try? Do you feel like you can check into your salon and feel consistently confident about the results? The beauty business is a service business. Your answer should be yes to all the above questions. Are you being treated -- and you should be -- like you are the salon's most special and extraordinary client? Or do you just feel like the next appointment on your hairdresser's schedule and that your hair has become routine? If you are in doubt about any of the above questions, it might be time to move on.

Moving with your hairdresser to a new salon is understandable if you feel you have developed a special bond or that no one else could make you and your hair look and feel as beautiful. Unless you have these strong feelings, I would recommend you stay put. Your salon will be so grateful for your loyalty that they will do their best to make each future visit more memorable.

Before you make your decision, talk to the salon managers or a receptionist you deal with the most. Ask them for advice concerning who would be most appropriate for your beauty needs. They know you and your hair. They often understand you and your beauty needs even more than you do. This unique liaison will be sure to help you find the perfect fit.

I don't know if I always go along with the adage "Change is good." I do know that things will always change. The salon and hairdresser you pick are very personal decisions. Chose the person or place that works best for you and keeps your life easy and beautiful. This is one of the rare times when you let yourself be pampered. You made your decision. Now all you have to do is relax and enjoy yourself.

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