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Louis Pagan
LOUIS is a co-founder of Hispanicize and is the Editorial Director for the
company's social media content platform

A recognized thought leader in Latino social media and pioneer of the Latino
blogosphere. Louis frequently speaks about the evolution and influence of
Hispanics online. A recipient of the Latinos in Science and Technology
Association (LISTA) Rising Star Award, Louis has also been named by Latino
Leaders Magazine to its annual “Ones to Watch” list.

Blog Entries by Louis Pagan

Who Owns Hispanic Social Media?

2 Comments | Posted December 6, 2011 | 08:39:02 (EST)

Your humble coauthors stay informed of the latest trends about social media, often by attending events where bloggers, marketers, communication experts, and brands try to build mutually beneficial relationships. At these social-media watering holes, the discussion inevitably turns to the fastest-growing market in America: Latinos. Basically, everybody wants to know...

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How Will Personal-Feedback Loops Affect the Hispanic Population?

Posted August 20, 2011 | 10:46:23 (EST)

Alicia Morga wants to know how you're feeling.

The founder and CEO of isn't just making small talk. Her company's iPhone app, gottaFeeling, prompts users to track their emotions, which they can share via social networks.

However, gottaFeeling is more than some narcissistic toy that...

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