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Peep This: 6 Fun Facts About Everyone's Favorite Marshmallow Chick

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1. A documentary (trailer above), a reenactment of Lord of the Rings, and yes, even a fake porn site have been created to honor PEEPS.

2. There is no one way to eat PEEPS. Loyal PEEPS fans like their marshmallow chicks fresh, frozen, stale (to give them a crisper density similar to meringue cookies), and even on pizza. Of the over 200 unofficial PEEPS websites, many include recipes--ranging from the imaginable, like PEEPS S'mores, to the bizarre, like PEEPS Waldorf salad.

3. With a shelf life of two years, PEEPS are notoriously indestructible. In 1998, two Emory University scientists conducted several experiments to see how PEEPS reacted to various "conditions and stimuli."


4. Many newspapers offer PEEPS diorama contests near Easter. The twin cities' Pioneer Press offered the first contest in 2003 but the Washington Post's entries are undeniably some of the nation's best. NightPeeps, a re-imagination of Edward Hopper's NightHawks and pictured above, was the winner of The Washington Post's 2009 Peep Show. (Photography by James M. Thresher for The Washington Post.)

5. Today, it takes just six minutes to make one PEEPS chick. Just Born, the company behind PEEPS, produces more than 1 billion PEEPS a year, and as many as 4.2 million a day. Recently, the LA Times featured a slideshow of photos from inside the PEEPS factory.

6. "Peep jousting" is a game in which two PEEPS are placed in a microwave with toothpicks stuck in them. As the PEEPS expand, one pierces the other, and the owner of the winner gets to eat both.

How do you like your PEEPS?

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