World's Most Beautiful Restroom Views (PHOTOS)

10/26/2011 04:21 pm ET | Updated Dec 26, 2011

There were, of course, moments when my mission seemed completely ridiculous. Nevertheless, hunting toilets around the world for my book "A Loo with a View" (Firefly Books 2011) was a great adventure. As I joke in the introduction: "Considering the amount of loitering I've done in toilets with a camera, it's a miracle that I'm not in prison".

It began in a bathroom without a view. Sitting there, daydreaming, I remembered a loo I had encountered as a boy - a loo [as you may already know, a British word for "toilet"--HuffPost Books editors] like none I'd seen before - a loo with a spectacular view. Suddenly, the idea hit me - I would seek out and document the other great loo views on Planet Earth.

History may or may not judge it as a 'Eureka!' moment, but it was a moment nonetheless...

To my delight, I started to find toilet gold. World Heritage Sights, National Parks, aeroplanes taking-off and landing, iconic bridges and towers, waterfalls, historical sights, live international sport, wild African game and even the peak of Mount Everest - all visible from the comfort of a convenience.

My book "A Loo with a View: Sights You Can See from the Comfort of a Convenience" features dozens of the world's premier loo views - each selected because they offer something unique to users/readers - all part of a magic-carpet ride around the world from the loo.

I'm often asked which is my favorite loo - a question I have likened to a parent being asked to name their favorite child. The truth is that I am drawn to different loos for different reasons. Although I love them all dearly, I would like to introduce some favorites from the book - in no particular order, as that would not be fair to the kids...