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Lyn Davis Lear

Blog Entries by Lyn Davis Lear

A Prayer For Adolescent Daughters From A Menopausal Mom

0 Comments | Posted May 11, 2007 | 1:52 PM

My prayer on Mother's Day is for all you teen-age girls to give us older moms a break. Be grateful for the flood of hormones flowing into your bodies because they are the same ones abandoning ours. Know that as you anguish over a few blemishes on your otherwise soft,...

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Rev. Ted Haggard Comes Out the Same Day as "Borat": One Represents Hypocrisy, the Other Exposes It

0 Comments | Posted November 3, 2006 | 4:07 PM

Today, Ted Haggard, the newly resigned leader of the 14,000 member New Life Church in Colorado Springs, admitted to asking male prostitute Ralph Jones to score him some meth for curiosity's sake and asking for a "massage". It is just a matter of time before the rest of the sordid...

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Why is the White House so Eerily Confident about the Coming Elections?

0 Comments | Posted October 20, 2006 | 6:03 AM

All week I've been reading in disparate sources from Drudge to US News and World Report about Bush, Rove and Cheney being overly confident about the midterm elections. Even Republican strategists are increasingly concerned because the White House doesn't have a plan if they lose. This lack of planning shouldn't...

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Arianna and Nora: How I Overcame My Fear of Fearless Women

0 Comments | Posted October 1, 2006 | 2:10 PM

For me it all started in middle school. My somewhat normal, suburban, Sacramento existence of riding bikes and reading fairy tales shattered as I entered seventh grade. The world suddenly became a kind of emotional war ground dominated by girls with sling blade words. You've heard of queen bees and...

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Whistleblower Hero is Threatened with Prison for Exposing Diebold

0 Comments | Posted February 26, 2006 | 11:34 PM

Okay, let me get this straight. Stephen Heller, an actor in Los Angeles, was supplementing his income as a temp at a big law firm, Jones Day, two years ago and discovered one of the firm's clients, Diebold, was potentially going to disenfranchise thousands of voters in the next election...

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Paging Frank Rich! GAO confirms - 2004 Election Was Stolen

0 Comments | Posted December 2, 2005 | 4:54 PM

I had a chance to talk to my hero, Frank Rich, a few months ago about election fraud and he claimed he didn't know much about it. Perhaps he has his plate full unraveling the administration's lies about Iraq, but with the midterm elections coming up someone has to take...

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Alito: A Frightening Halloween Scare

0 Comments | Posted October 31, 2005 | 9:20 PM

Judge Samuel Alito is President Bush's early Christmas present to the radical right and his Halloween scare to the rest of America. Justice O'Connor provided the deciding vote in nearly 3/4 of the roughly 200 5-4 decisions during her time on the Court. If we replace her with a judge...

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Pat Robertson: Your Arms Are Too Short to Box with God

0 Comments | Posted September 7, 2005 | 6:35 PM

Hey, some people think that Pat Robertson, the leader of the 700 Club, buried himself with his criminal remark that America should assassinate Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, but I wouldn't count on it. It was only a week after Pat's pronouncement that FEMA encouraged people to give hurricane relief money...

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Tao as Commentary

0 Comments | Posted September 3, 2005 | 8:48 PM

While watching the unfolding tragedy in New Orleans, I thought of this passage from verse 61 of the Tao Te Ching:

If a nation is centered in the Tao, if it nourishes its own people and doesn't meddle in the affairs of others, it will be a light to all...
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George Bush and the Hyenas

0 Comments | Posted August 27, 2005 | 1:30 PM

The last thing I wanted to think about on our summer vacation to Africa was George Bush....

Each day of our month-long trip was memorable, but one day, in particular, stands out: It was our son Ben's 17th birthday and we were on the Okavango Delta in Botswana. It was...

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War and Peace: Falling Through the Partisan Looking Glass

0 Comments | Posted August 15, 2005 | 1:25 AM

George Bush reported yesterday that we are doing well in Iraq, but insisted that it was premature to talk about bringing troops home. What kind of a fantasy land does he live in? Then a friend sent me the following quotes that point out just how hypocritical our leaders...

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Through the L.A. Grapevine: Update

0 Comments | Posted June 13, 2005 | 7:35 PM

After checking with friends at the network, I’m very relieved to learn that the rumor that CBS had bowed to Vatican demands that no Jewish or gay people be allowed to work on the new special on the life of the Pope is absolutely untrue. In fact, I’m told...

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Through the L.A. Grapevine

0 Comments | Posted June 13, 2005 | 1:58 AM

This has been a busy few weeks. I had lunch with Senator Harry Reid last week, together with his staff and about ten others. Senator Reid thanked Norman and People for the American Way for helping save the filibuster. Although I'm not sure how much of a win it...

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Where Have the Conservatives Gone?

0 Comments | Posted May 11, 2005 | 3:31 PM

Over the years I always thought of our Republican friends as good old fashioned fiscal conservatives. But now I wonder what has happened to them. Where have all the common sense conservatives gone? I don't understand how Republican moderates can tolerate the religious fundamentalists who have taken over their party...

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