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Lyndall Hobbs


Nurturing Our Inner Cheapskate

Posted: 11/04/11 01:01 PM ET

The American economy, alas, still sucks. Unemployment rates are not going down. The recession, like an unwanted guest, is still lurking, apparently determined to stick around for a while.

There's a reason that OCCUPY WALL STREET protests also seem here to stay. The 99 percenters are angry and need to be heard!

We've had to change our ways, cut back and live more frugally. And we must continue to nurture our inner cheapskate and spend less on a daily basis.

As a TV journalist and director I've been up.... and down... but through it all I've tried to keep it stylish--and ridiculously cheap and cheerful! And this week I launched a brand new website.

Thanks to my intersecting worlds of writing, directing, fashion and interior design, I know fascinating people in many different walks of life. And when friends like Tony Shalhoub, Dana Delaney, Glenne Headley, Ed Begley Jnr and Lauren Hutton along with my daughter and her friends, started proudly sharing their tightwad tips, I decided to make it my mission to ask them-and anyone I come across to share their favorite cheapskate ideas and secret "recessionista" side with advice, tips and how-to's. No one thinks the boldface names have to scrimp and save... well, guess what? They do and now they're willing to share them.