Thomas Friedman Wants a Jetpack?

05/25/2011 12:55 pm ET

It would appear so. Check out how he closes today's column on rebooting America's infrastructure and developing technologies:

"John Kennedy led us on a journey to discover the moon. Obama needs to lead us on a journey to rediscover, rebuild and reinvent our own backyard.

Merry Christmas!"

And now look at what I wrote for HuffPo back in October:

"So then if Barack Obama is sort of like the 21st-Century JFK (sorry, Bill), and jetpacks are like the 21st-Century going to the moon, by some sort of distributive property or something, shouldn't Barack totally lead the charge to develop a viable jetpack, if he is elected three weeks from tomorrow? If THAT plank in the platform doesn't connect with undecideds, then I'm afraid I don't know what will."

Coincidence? A coded message in today's missive? You decide.

Merry Christmas, indeed, Mr. Friedman!