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MacGregor Thomson

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Commenter Sings About Obama (VIDEO)

Posted: 05/14/2012 1:28 pm

Last week HuffPost user VotingThisTime shared his original song showing support for President Obama. I applaud his creativity, and want to highlight his music to make sure it doesn't go unseen.

I also want to open up the opportunity for all to share their creativity with the HuffPost community.
Do you have your own political music, limerick or poem that you've been waiting to unleash? Send us your ode to your favorite (or least favorite) politician below to be featured.

Submit a recording of yourself below, or share your work in the comments.

Please note: all pieces submitted must be your own orignal work.

Here's VotingThisTime's song:

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  • "Obama Work Together"

  • "Obama"

    "Sure, his decision to come out (if you'll pardon the expression!:) in favor of gay marriage might cost him his reelection, but it was the right thing to do. It showed courage and leadership. "Obama He's up for the fight Obama He'll do what's right." These are some of the lyrics to a song I wrote in support of the President.


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