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DEBATE: Obama Same-Sex Marriage Stance Risks His Chances For Reelection

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As we heard yesterday, President Obama affirmed his support for same-sex marriage. The announcement stirred up a whirlwind of opinions, and many HuffPost commenters had opposing views as to how this will affect the upcoming presidential election.

Below are some arguments from HuffPost Pundit users on whether the president's new stance lowers his chances for reelection. Who makes the strongest argument? Place your votes and give us your take in the comments below.


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Obama's Position on Same-Sex Marriage Risks His Chances for Reelection.

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Uncle Bill

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I hope all of the marriage equality advocates here don't spend too much time celebrating and forget the political cost of this announcement. The President just kissed several swing states goodbye because of this issue and provided the GOP with a wedge issue to divide African Americans and Latinos who were overwhelmingly in his camp before. If you don't work even harder to support the President- by donating to his campaign, defending this policy to your friends and neighbors, working for his campaign and getting out the vote, you will have won this battle only to lose the war against an implacable enemy who opposes even the most basic civil rights in housing and employment for LGBT people, let alone marriage equality.

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This is what courage looks like.

The President came out in support of gay marriage, a contentious issue that the citizens of North Carolina voted to ban last night. This move probably costs Pres. Obama North Carolina and Indiana. It could very easily cost him VA, FL and Ohio ( which means the election).

I hope that the advocates for marriage equality understand the huge risk this poses to the President. I also hope that they realize that Pres. Obama can support marriage equality all day long, but it means nothing if he loses. A President Romney with a tea party Congress would be the worst possible outcome for marriage equality. Democrats and marriage equality advocates had better work doubly hard on the President's reelection.

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photo DRaymond

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Frankly if you have to make a change in position Obama did it just about perfectly. He started with the core principles that he has always believed in. Then he talked about the experiences and influences he has had with ordinary people who have caused him to reconsider, particularly wrapping those people in unassailable virtues (committed monogamous relationships, raising children, serving our country in the military) and finishing with his decision to change also being wrapped in virtuous motives (fairness, respect).

The thing is that just about every straight person who supports marriage equality has pretty much gone through the same process that Obama has described, once thinking that civil unions would be enough to do the job. So i doubt it has hurt him much with them.

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photo Waltfl

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Proud to see the President stepping up to the plate. There must have been quite a few advisers and strategists in his staff, who were pushing against this bold move.

President Obama will find out that speaking his heart will benefit him in the end. You can't appease everybody, so why even try? Doing the right thing will always pay out. In a country that lives by immortal declaration that all are created equal, gay marriage is a natural law.

Obama's move will also expose the right wingers and the Tea Party, who supposedly support personal freedom and a small government. In reality, they are the ones who are always quick to call for government-action, when it comes to intruding into people's private lives, into their bedrooms, into their relationships, and into women's wombs.

Personal freedom is not limited to the right to bear arms. True freedom is always the freedom of the one who thinks differently (Rosa Luxemburg)

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