11/23/2011 03:55 pm ET | Updated Jan 23, 2012

Why Is OWS Being Ignored by Lawmakers?

We're seeing a lot of great comments on the site right now. One of my co-workers found this one by HuffPost user Ponderus written in response to Arianna's latest post. We started chatting about it and I wanted to broaden the discussion...

...why are the actions of the OWS being ignored? The Tea Party received more open arms than these individual­s. When the representat­ives they have elected have time and time again failed them, its time to acquire a newly elected body - one that truly represents the people and their endeavors.

Something needs to be done in an effort to recognize their voices. The media, the representatives, elected officials, have all ignored the calls mostly because they have no "stated" goals, no "marked" leadership­. How arrogant of them to ignore the simple fact that people are tired of being misrepresented, abused, and dismissed as a mere statistic, young, unemployed­, etc.

Address their concerns. Stop saying "no" and look for a solution, stop listening to lobbyists and listen to your voters, stop voting on petty bills and help create jobs, do something for the sake of this country and not your own political/­personal agenda.

If that doesn't make your heartbeat echo the beating of the drum...

What's your take?

  • Are the actions of OWS being ignored? If so, is it because they have "no 'stated' goals, no 'marked' leadership"?
  • Stated or not, what do you think the goals of the OWS movement are, and are there any specific pieces of legislation that could help to achieve them?