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Maddie Crum
Maddie Crum is the Books Editor at The Huffington Post.

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National Book Awards 2014 Longlist Nominees For Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry And Young People's Literature

(0) Comments | Posted September 17, 2014 | 5:35 PM

This year's National Book Award longlist nominees include a blend of critical darlings and fresh faces. Pulitzer Prize and National Book Critics Circle Award winner Louise Glück received a nod for her latest poetry collection, and the long-venerated E.O. Wilson was nominated for his nonfiction title The Meaning of Human...

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7 Beautiful Words With No Direct English Translation

(10) Comments | Posted September 17, 2014 | 8:01 AM

You know that feeling you get when surrounded by close friends or family -- perhaps gathered around a fireplace after a meal, or chatting on the couch in your pajamas on a Sunday morning? There truly is no word to describe it. Or at least not in English. In Dutch,...

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The Most Highlighted Passages From Classic Books

(8) Comments | Posted September 16, 2014 | 9:18 AM

Earlier this year, Amazon's Kindle team revealed which passages are highlighted most frequently across all of their ebooks. Unsurprisingly, lines from Suzanne Collins's The Hunger Games trilogy topped off the list of most-highlighted quotes, followed by passages from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's...

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'How To Build A Girl' Author Caitlin Moran: "I've Never Seen A Taboo I Didn't Want To Bust"

(2) Comments | Posted September 12, 2014 | 9:18 AM

Caitlin Moran is a British columnist who writes regularly about television and feminist issues. Her previous book, How to Be a Woman, was a collection of autobiographical essays. Her latest novel, How to Build a Girl, is a work of fiction about a teenager coming of age.


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Reanimation Library Breathes New Life Into Old Books

(4) Comments | Posted September 11, 2014 | 8:58 AM

There exists a book, published in 1955, called A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates, which is exactly what it sounds like. Aside from the front matter -- copyright materials, the publisher's name -- it contains nothing but lines of numbers, arranged into columns.

Its creator,

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Millennials Are Actually MORE Likely To Read Books, Study Says

(6) Comments | Posted September 10, 2014 | 3:42 PM

Although nearly every American under 30 uses the Internet in some capacity (a whopping 98 percent of millennials are online), younger people are more likely to believe that there's useful information that's only available offline. While 62 percent of citizens under 30 ascribe to this belief, only 53 percent of...

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Comic Artist Pays Tribute To Dr. Seuss

(3) Comments | Posted September 5, 2014 | 7:14 AM

It's easy to forget that Theodor Geisel, who wrote and illustrated under a pen name that's become synonymous with playful storytelling, was much more than a children's book writer. Many of his stories promote whimsy more than staunch moralism (Dr. Seuss referred to himself as "subversive as hell"),...

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Grammar Infographic Shows Why Writing Skills Matter

(6) Comments | Posted September 5, 2014 | 7:13 AM

Both book lovers and pedants can take comfort in the fact that their insistence on the proper use of to, too and two is, in fact, useful. In addition to the obvious benefit of providing readers with clarity, proper grammar can help workers in many non-writing fields land jobs. In...

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The Book We're Talking About: '10:04' By Ben Lerner

(1) Comments | Posted September 4, 2014 | 8:40 AM

by Ben Lerner
Faber and Faber, $15.00
Publishes September 2, 2014

The Book We're Talking About is a weekly review combining plot description and analysis with fun tidbits about the book.

What we think:

While staked...

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Graphic Novel 'Shoplifter' Perfectly Captures Post-Grad Angst

(0) Comments | Posted September 2, 2014 | 8:34 AM

The rise of the realist graphic novel is a logical shift for the genre; who says comics need to be funny or fantastic? With his debut book Shoplifter, Michael Cho joins the likes of Anya Ulinich (who's been credited for sketching a sort of Girls for divorcees), Jillian Tamaki (whose...

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If Shakespeare Wrote Pop Songs

(22) Comments | Posted August 27, 2014 | 8:23 AM

As the debate wages on about the Bard's relatability -- and whether or not relatability matters to begin with -- a hilarious Tumblr has surfaced that translates modern-day pop songs into Shakespearean sonnets.

Every wonder what Taylor Swift's newest album would sound like in iambic pentameter? Us...

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The Book We're Talking About: The Southern Reach Trilogy By Jeff VanderMeer

(1) Comments | Posted August 26, 2014 | 2:49 PM

The Southern Reach Trilogy
by Jeff VanderMeer
FSG Originals, $15.00
Final installment, Acceptance, publishes September 2, 2014

The Book We're Talking About is a weekly review combining plot description and analysis with fun tidbits about the book.

What we think:

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Best Books For Fall 2014

(19) Comments | Posted August 25, 2014 | 8:11 AM

2014's beach days are numbered. Time to trade in your summery reads for the best new titles this fall has to offer. Below are 27 forthcoming new books, fiction and non-, that we're itching to pick up:

Acceptance by Jeff...
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Authors Weigh In On Print Versus E-Books

(50) Comments | Posted August 22, 2014 | 8:13 AM

When 900 notable authors signed an open letter to Amazon, they made their stance on the ebook distributor clear. Although the petition claims that many of its signees have long been supporters of Amazon, the company's recent battle with Hachette, which has involved delayed deliveries and a refusal...

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Lesser-Known Fairy Tales Worth Reading

(14) Comments | Posted August 19, 2014 | 8:23 AM

Disney has a reputation for borrowing age-old fables and coating them in a happy-go-lucky sheen. "Tangled," an adaptation (albeit a loose one) of The Brothers Grimm's "Rapunzel," conveniently excludes the scene in which the lovesick prince literally jumps out of a castle window and blinds himself with thorns....

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Book Term Glossary Defines Important Phrases For Book Lovers

(0) Comments | Posted August 19, 2014 | 8:22 AM

You might've heard of binge-reading (although we're inclined to believe it's a redundant phrase. All reading is binge-reading!) and book shelfies, but what about book shimmying or book stripping?

Language, especially Internet slang, evolves quickly, and, though we readers may celebrate uncommon words and get lost in 800-page...

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What Do We See When We Read? (IMAGES)

(5) Comments | Posted August 15, 2014 | 4:41 PM

What do we see when we read? Designer Peter Mendelsund, who's behind a few iconic covers you might've seen on bookshelves, poses the question in his new book, and, fittingly, answers it in an aesthetically pleasing way, alternating text-only pages with visualizations of his argument. Although we imagine...

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Graphic Novelist Takes On OkCupid

(57) Comments | Posted August 15, 2014 | 8:05 AM

Lena Finkle's Magic Barrel, a new graphic novel that humorously catalogs the tribulations of post-divorce dating, has been lauded as "Girls" for grown-ups, and for good reason. Author Anya Ulinich's funny caricatures of her dates, both the overzealous and the deadbeat, are anchored in the quiet moments her...

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INFOGRAPHIC: Are Women Better Writers Than Men?

(1) Comments | Posted August 14, 2014 | 1:26 PM

In spite of being shunned by most literary reviews, do women actually have better writing chops than men?

It's an odd question -- one we wish were irrelevant. But it's a sad truth that ever since novel-writing was a thing, women have...

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8 Famous Authors On The First Book They Ever Loved

(16) Comments | Posted August 9, 2014 | 8:27 AM

What does it mean to love a book? Should it be relatable? Beautiful? Must you share common interests? Is it not just as exciting to curl up with one you don't fully understand?

Today is National Book Lovers Day, so what better time to reflect on all...

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