01/08/2013 05:47 pm ET Updated Mar 10, 2013

Living and Loving Your Life!

How often do you feel exuberant and intensely loving of your life? Is this way of being the norm, or is it a sensation you merely touch upon in particularly happy moments?

I am a huge supporter of, and have in fact devoted my life's work, to inspiring others and myself to love being alive, and to be equally grateful for these specific lives each of us has so graciously been given.

This personally hasn't come easy, and ironically has arisen from feeling for the bulk of my 36 years decidedly less than in the life-I've-been-given department. Yet, quite miraculously, and since a profoundly catalytic spiritual experience at age 33 while on holiday in Cabo San Lucas, I have pledged whole-heartedly to live.

What I mean here is not just to exist by keeping my head above water, but to fully embrace and seriously love all the experiences -- up, down, and upside down -- of being alive. Or, as Zen great Suzuki Roshi puts it much more succinctly, "The only way is to enjoy your life."

Believe me, it hasn't all been a cake walk. Still, my internal acceptance of and awe at what has and continues to happen as I step authentically along my path has made it pretty wonder-full.

How so? I was urged in my Cabo experience to deepen my understanding of what it means to be alive. Since then, I have prioritized fostering an ever-evolving rich interior life, namely through meditation, affirmation, and visualization practices, and too, very quiet yoga. Secondly, and almost more convincingly, I have worked hard at cultivating a more intuitive, fulfilling connection to the things in the outside world that bring me joy, and too, have changed and sometimes even muted my relationship to the things that create undo stress.

Now, I won't pretend to sit here and know exactly how you should go about seizing the day and loving your sparkling, precious life. Only you know what thrills and depresses you, and so much of this comes from tapping the seriously-wise voice inside.

I do, however, hope that my words spark you enough to open up and allow for that spirited inner light to beam and guide you into discovering and manifesting your own unique and celebratory way of being.

Here's to living and loving your life!

In sweetness,


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