10/27/2011 09:38 am ET | Updated Dec 27, 2011

Fall Essentials

Fall is here, everyone! Of course you know what this means ... don't you? Two words: COLD WEATHER. These warm, comfy, and chic must-haves will show everyone that you can stay warm AND look amazing while doing it. Who doesn't love multitasking?

To kick it off, we have coats.

Tip 1: Bright coats are an absolute must have for this season! People get tired of your basic dark-colored (black, grey and brown) coats. Make things more lively with bright, flattering colors.

Tip 2: Be white hot this season with a fashionable white coat -- yes, it's OK to wear white after labor day.

Tip 3: To top off the coats, when shopping look for this mysterious, elegant style. Two words: belted coats.

Next for fall trends, you guessed it, boots:

Tip 4: Step out in style with flat riding boots.

Tip 5: Take no prisoners with kick-butt combat boots.

Tip 6: Finally, step to the beat of your own drummer with cute little booties.

The third fall must-have will be hats, because everyone's head gets cold during the winter!

Tip 7: Add a little taste of summer with floppy hats.

Tip 8: Stay warm with cool and comfy knit hats

Finally, dazzle with this new celebrity trend -- scarves!

So tell me, what are you girls stepping out in this fall?