Planet Green, the First 24-hour Eco-lifestyle Television Network Goes Live Today

06/04/2008 07:53 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Over at TreeHugger and Planet Green, our fingers are tapping the remote. Today at 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, the cable version of Planet Green, the first 24-hour channel dedicated to bringing eco-friendly living into your home, goes live. According to The New York Times, "it is the highest-profile cable channel introduction of the year, and an equally risky one."

Planet Green Tommy Lee Adrian Grenie photo

To find the Planet Green channel in your region, enter your zip code into the Planet Green channel finder.

What's On at Planet Green

What's in store? Tonight marks the premier of eight shows: "Wa$ted! Everybody Gets a Car!," "Hollywood Green with Maria Menounos," "Supper Club," "G Word," "Stuff Happens," "Mean Green Machines," "Renovation Nation," and "Alter Eco."

Hottie Adrian Grenier, already knows how sexy green is. The star of HBO's Entourage offers a peek at the eco renovation underway in his 1920's house in Los Angeles.

In "G Word," we take a closer look at pineapple with correspondent Stephen Brooks -- this sweet fruit is soured by its environmental impact. Then Summer Rayne shows us some excellent methane harvesters and SuChin meets Matt Peterson, CEO of Global Green.

Come August, think rock-in-roll. Celeb rockers Ludacris (AKA Christopher Brian Bridges) and Tommy Lee will face off in "Battleground Earth," a reality competition focused on earth-conscious issues.

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photos: Justin Stephens/Planet Green