09/10/2009 06:15 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Puppies? Koalas? How About These Endangered Species, Oprah and Miranda Kerr

It's a good time to be a cute animal in need: This month Oprah poses with a lap full of shelter puppies for Oprah Magazine and Orlando Bloom's girlfriend (or fiancée...) Miranda Kerr gets naked for Rolling Stone to aid the endangered koala bear.

rolling stone oprah Miranda Kerr naked photo
Image left courtesy of Rolling Stone. Image right courtesy of Oprah magazine.

Ok, so these are good causes: But I would like to suggest that both of these celebrities get naked and/or cute and cuddly with a few more endangered animals that are doomed to be just not cuddly enough to attract a celebrity following that tends to lean towards the likes of Cute Overload-style baby seals, Norwegian wolves and tigers.

Take Madagascar native the aye-aye. Wouldn't you like to see this semi-hairless beady-eyed creature in Oprah's lap? These nocturnal creatures are disappearing by the second, thanks to the difficulties in getting them to get it on in captivity and deforestation of rainforests, its natural habitat.

axolotl mexican walking fish photo
Image via

Then there's the Mexican walking fish, which is not actually a fish. In addition to habitat destruction, this perpetually smiling Axolotl salamander is meeting its demise with pollution or as lunch for non-native fish swimming into foreign waters.

Or how about the dugong? A cross between a manatee and an elephant, this marine mammal hoovers up sea grasses with a tapered muscular snout. Slaughtered for its meat, oil, skin and bones, it's thought to be the source of mermaid myths.

A smart celebrity would perhaps have an extremely successful campaign with any of these wacky and not traditionally "cute" creatures.

Think reusable tote bags stamped with the aye-aye, with the tag line, "You may be ugly, but Oprah cares."

Sadly, it's the cuddly animals that get noticed in this beauty-conscious world.