04/06/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

GOP vs. America's Armed Forces

Yesterday's outburst by Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter where he attacked the integrity of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mullen and Secretary of Defense Gates, was disappointing on several levels.

First, it is yet another indicator of how the GOP is distancing itself from America's Armed Forces.

Second, I find it troubling that a freshman Congressman would have the temerity to challenge the senior members of the most respected institution in the United States.

And, most egregiously, I find it counter to the good order and discipline of our Armed Forces when a serving reservist, and Captain Duncan Hunter is a Marine Corps reservist, behaves in so insolent a manner.

He joins fellow Republican Congressman Joe Wilson -- who last year screamed out, "You lie!" to the President of the United States during a joint session of Congress -- in military behaving badly.

Two data points is a trend and the trend is not good for America, its Armed Forces and the Republican Party. They join Senators McCain and Coburn and many others who have displayed partisan obstructionist behavior to attempt to defeat or filibuster Defense Appropriations bills, the new Webb GI bill, VA support and the list goes on.

We need Republican elected officials who are part of the armed forces to act more like retired Vice Admiral and Congressman Joe Sestak. He should serve as an example to our young insolent Marine, or older and still insolent Colonel and any other former military man serving in Congress. Emulating his conduct in office would ensure our Armed Forces continue to enjoy the great respect they are due and are not further harmed by the bad behavior of the few.

We don't need any more military poster children for insolence and immaturity that only serves to denigrate the proud service of the men and women of the Armed forces.